Cool EM Launcher v7.8 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 29, 2024
Cool EM Launcher is an EMUI style launcher with many valuable features, it make your phone look like Mate 40, P30 or Honor EMUI phones, it also has many useful launcher features and very cool design.
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Jan 29, 2024
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Cool EM Launcher MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Cool EM Launcher MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

An innovative launcher emerges, wielding the power to intricately tailor and individualize the visage of your device. A myriad of themes and wallpapers unfolds, presenting you with a diverse array of choices.

This launcher not only facilitates the customization of themes but also seamlessly integrates with the system, allowing you to establish a chosen theme as the default. Simultaneously straightforward and potent, this application boasts a plethora of functions adeptly crafted to cater to user needs. The installation and usage of the app are effortlessly straightforward.

With its proficiency in crafting and applying themes, this launcher stands out as the prime selection for those in pursuit of a feature-rich platform. A plethora of aesthetically pleasing and distinctive themes beckon, offering an extensive range of options to ensure your phone aligns with your unique preferences.

Enter the realm of Cool EM Launcher an interface alchemist, granting users the prowess to shape their devices as they desire. Navigate through the home screen, curating a personalized view of your preferred phone contents.

Dive into a sea of themes, enabling users to tailor their phones to their liking. The launcher facilitates swift access to frequently used applications, streamlining the user experience.

This launcher unfolds an array of themes and customizable options, allowing users to alter the color palette of icons and backgrounds. The expansive selection of choices empowers users to mold their phones to their distinct tastes.

The application stands as a conduit for customizing the phone’s interface, offering a myriad of options to align with user preferences. Diverse themes cater to a spectrum of user needs, complemented by effects that elevate the phone’s aesthetic appeal. It proudly claims its position as the premier Android launcher, witnessing a burgeoning user base daily.

Witness the advent of the new EMUI Launcher, rooted in the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Within the EMUI system, the Cool EM Launcher beckons, promising a distinctly gratifying experience.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, this launcher boasts commendable performance. The diverse themes grant you the latitude to tailor the launcher to your taste, with an array of colors and animations that transport you to the realm of an iPhone.

This cutting-edge launcher is grounded in the latest iteration of Android, offering a rich palette of themes, colors, animations, and more. The app’s design is both clean and uncluttered while providing an extensive array of customizations to cater to your specific needs.

Features of Cool EM Launcher MOD APK

Unlock your phone without entering a password

In the realm of digital access, behold the prowess to liberate your device sans the tedious ritual of password entry. A mere tap upon the celestial “Unlock” interface shall bestow upon you the unbridled privilege of unhindered device access.

Furthermore, harness the capabilities of this avant-garde feature to incarcerate your device’s functions after a stipulated temporal interval. Alternatively, orchestrate the cessation of your device’s visual display with precision, dictated by your temporal decree. For those navigating the uncharted waters of the sophisticated EM Launcher, peruse the sagacious guidance articulated within the help compendium with unwavering diligence.

Hide the app drawer

Entwined within the ethereal realms of digital sophistication lies the enchanting ability to shroud all app icons on your home screen, seamlessly orchestrated through the wondrous floating window mode. With the dexterous manipulation of the paradisiacal prowess, one can intricately tailor the status bar’s background hue and icon, casting a spell of unparalleled allure upon the entire system.

Moreover, indulge in the fine art of proportion, for you possess the sublime capability to modulate the dimensions of the floating window. This mastery extends to the point where the floating window, akin to a majestic tapestry, drapes itself lavishly over the entirety of your screen.

The floating window mode, an oracle of visual splendor, unveils its virtuosity by unfurling widgets within its airy embrace, rendering a tableau where all app icons dance harmoniously in your panoramic gaze.

Add a shortcut to the home screen

Enter the realm of seamless accessibility as this application bestows upon you the power to embellish your home screen with a symphony of shortcuts. Navigating the celestial simplicity within, you’ll find an oasis of user-friendliness where shortcuts to apps, contacts, melodies, visual delights, cyber domains, and myriad other destinations can effortlessly be added.

The customization journey extends to the very essence of these shortcuts, as you wield the authority to mold their icons to your aesthetic predilections. The app’s ingenuity further unveils itself through the option to set the icon image, granting you the liberty to infuse personal flair into your digital abode.

The ballet of simplicity continues with the effortless choreography of shortcut addition a mere ballet of dragging and dropping. Revel in the opulence of variety as multiple shortcuts pirouette onto your home screen, transforming it into a choreography of unparalleled convenience.

Quickly switch between open apps

Embark upon the expeditious journey of app navigation with this revolutionary application, enabling you to seamlessly shuttle between open apps with unmatched swiftness. As you initiate the launch of an app, the orchestration of the system’s intelligence becomes manifest, deftly redirecting your focus to an already opened app.

In the realm of solitary app ventures, the Cool EM Launcher takes center stage as the quintessential foreground app. The intricate ballet continues as, with the inception of app exploration, the system, akin to a sagacious conductor, effortlessly steers your attention toward the app already in operation.

Should the tableau be adorned with the singular presence of an opened app, it shall gracefully assume the mantle of the foreground app, an epitome of streamlined digital engagement.

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