ControlR v6.2.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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ControlR allows you to manage your unRAID servers from your mobile device, with great features such as:
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Feb 22, 2024
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ControlR MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of ControlR MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

ControlR emerges as a formidable orchestrator for server governance, proving indispensable for hosting custodians. Its simplicity in operation eradicates the dread tied to server setup intricacies. Ideal for novices desiring to carve their digital presence or those in pursuit of augmenting their server arsenal, ControlR offers seamless stewardship of server landscapes. Obliterating the need for extensive tutelage on server configurations, its premier capabilities ensure the conservation of precious moments. Moreover, it facilitates the effortless genesis and adjustment of servers, sans complications.

Beyond its basic function as a server command center, ControlR extends its mastery to the realm of VPS (Virtual Private Server) management, enhancing oversight and modulation of these digital territories. It empowers users with server administration, backup creation, email establishment, DNS configuration, and more, all under one roof.

The platform beckons with an offer of an unrestricted account, allowing for an unbounded exploration of its features. Albeit, ControlR also delineates a premium, resource-constrained variant. The utility of this application spans several scenarios: from monitoring VPS domains and rectifying dysfunctional servers to backup generation. It becomes a haven when storage scarcity looms, enabling the expansion of server capacity. Name alterations of servers also fall within its purview.

Furthermore, it simplifies email setup, permitting users to dispatch communications from their domain, thus personalizing their digital correspondence. With an intuitive interface, ControlR democratizes server management, ensuring that irrespective of one’s technical acumen, one can navigate and control their server domain with ease.

Features of ControlR MOD APK

Manage all your servers from one place

ControlR stands as the quintessential tool for orchestrating your server arrays, accessible from any locus, at any moment. Whether the task at hand involves supervising a solitary server for a burgeoning enterprise or overseeing a vast conglomerate of server farms, ControlR is equipped with all the requisite functionalities for adept management.

It unfurls real-time revelations about the state of each server, alongside permitting an in-depth examination of each, encompassing performance metrics and chronological event records.

Within the server catalog, the condition of each server is transparently displayed, and the system allows for the pinpointing of specific servers via their denomination or IP address.

Engage with ControlR for unparalleled ease in server administration, ensuring your digital infrastructure remains at the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability.

Access your servers through a web browser

ControlR facilitates a gateway to your servers through a web interface, enabling you to administer your digital estate from any location. This portal allows for the scrutiny of server details, in addition to providing the means to access your files and directories.

Boasting a pristine and intuitive design, ControlR simplifies the complexities of server management, allowing for swift and effective administration.

With control, the power to manage your servers is seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow, ensuring your digital assets are always within reach and under control.

Monitor the status of your server and alerts

ControlR empowers you with the capability to oversee the condition of your servers, dispatching notifications upon the identification of any anomalies.

It operates in two principal modes: monitoring and alerts. Within the monitoring facet, you are equipped to observe the real-time status of your servers and initiate alerts upon the detection of discrepancies. These alerts are then directly conveyed to your email, ensuring you remain informed and responsive to your servers’ needs.

Through ControlR, maintaining vigilance over your digital infrastructure becomes an effortless endeavor, keeping you one step ahead in ensuring its optimal functioning.

See the current status of all your servers

ControlR bestows upon you the authority to vigilantly manage the wellness of your servers, alerting you instantly when irregularities surface.

This tool is bifurcated into two primary functionalities: monitoring and alerts. The monitoring aspect grants you the ability to track the live status of your servers and trigger alerts upon spotting any deviations. Subsequently, these alerts are directly forwarded to your email, keeping you abreast of and reactive to the exigencies of your servers.

With control, the task of safeguarding your digital framework is simplified, positioning you at the forefront of ensuring its seamless operation.

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