Combat Kings v1.3.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Rogue robots are taking over the city. It's mayhem! But for robot hunters it's open season.
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Combat Kings MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Combat Kings MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, behold Combat Kings—an adrenaline-fueled odyssey wherein players engage foes on the tumultuous battlefield. Mastery of one’s character is imperative as adversaries must be vanquished with strategic prowess.

Crafted by the ingenious minds at GameForge, Combat Kings emerges from the crucible of the action genre, offering players an arsenal of destruction and an array of lethal implements. The primary objective is the annihilation of adversaries, an indispensable task to ascend through the game’s challenging levels.

Weapons, each endowed with distinctive capabilities, ranging from firearms to blades and sabers, abound for players to wield. Augmenting their arsenals, players can seize power-ups, encompassing health-replenishing packs, explosive ordnance, and protective shields.

The simplicity of Combat Kings’ gameplay belies a captivating narrative that unfolds seamlessly. Accessible to both juveniles and young adults, the game stands as a remedy for bouts of ennui, providing a captivating digital escapade.

Navigating through the game’s immersive landscapes demands naught but a tap on the screen, propelling the character forward while unleashing a barrage upon adversaries. Touchscreen manipulation grants players unparalleled control over their virtual avatars.

Nevertheless, a caveat arises—Combat Kings, with its graphic depiction of violence and relentless carnage, is unsuitable for a younger audience. Those averse to such content are advised to steer clear of this digital battleground.

Delving into the game’s multifaceted offerings reveals diverse game modes. The standard gameplay mode, presenting the choice of online or offline play, necessitates prudent character selection. One can opt for combat against artificial intelligence or engage in fierce duels against fellow humans, either locally or across the expansive online arena.

Beyond the conventional, the survival game mode offers a heightened level of realism. Players must confront the challenge of battling against other human opponents or the formidable computer adversary. The ultimate test awaits—a single defeat heralds the conclusion of the game, reinforcing the stakes of Combat Kings’ immersive gameplay.

Features of Combat Kings MOD APK

Over 50 weapons to upgrade

In the realm of Combat Kings, an armory brimming with over fifty implements of destruction awaits your command. From venerable firearms to avant-garde beam projectors, each piece in your cache is ripe for enhancement and personalization with cutting-edge modifications. Embark on a quest to unveil novel methodologies of annihilation.

A trove exceeding fifty armaments and protective gear is at your disposal. Singular in its makeup, every armament boasts an idiosyncratic devastating maneuver. Elevate their capabilities to ensure your readiness for a spectrum of confrontations.

Powerful boosters to help you get ahead of the competition

Ascending the summit of excellence is a journey fraught with challenges. Adversaries, ever vigilant, seek to usurp your position and entice away those you serve. They aim to surpass you within the very arena you’ve mastered. To maintain your dominance, it is imperative to arm yourself with potent augmentations that ensure your continued superiority.

These augmentations are not freely given but earned through the crucible of the game. In the realm of Combat Kings, they manifest in two distinct varieties: the first bestows upon you additional lifelines, thereby extending your tenure in the fray; the second enables the swift activation of your augmentations, granting you a strategic advantage in the heat of battle.

Online leaderboards for bragging rights

The zenith of engagement within the game lies in the online leaderboards. This feature facilitates a thrilling comparison of prowess amongst competitors, illuminating who truly stands unparalleled.

Should confidence surge within you, the option to broadcast your triumphant score to comrades via platforms like Facebook and Twitter is available.

Within the ambit of Combat Kings, you possess the capability to summon your acquaintances to online duels, thereby measuring their scores against the global echelon.

Champions amongst the player base will receive the honor of a spotlight on the leaderboards, alongside an exposition of their triumphs for you to juxtapose with your laurels.

The game unfolds across three distinct arenas of challenge: the solitary quest of single-player, the camaraderie and rivalry of Multiplayer, and the global contest of Online Leaderboards.

Collect and upgrade your weapons and armor

Within the domain of Combat Kings, the evolution of every automaton is paramount. Enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities with the finest gear attainable.

As your journey progresses, you will unearth advancements in weaponry and protective gear. Allocate the currency you’ve amassed to acquire novel arms and armaments from the arsenal.

A plethora of armaments await your collection, spanning from the precision of pistols to the barrage of machine guns, including rifles and shotguns in the arsenal.

Each armament is endowed with distinctive characteristics and statistics. Elevating the level of your weaponry will enable you to vanquish formidable adversaries, thereby augmenting your bounty of rewards.


The mechanized siege has eclipsed a year, yet the city’s streets remain under the tyranny of these lethal automatons. Dominated by these nefarious steel behemoths, it falls upon you to vanquish them and salvage their precious components for gain.

Every automaton disassembles into three unique segments, each imbued with varied capabilities. Within the battlegrounds of Combat Kings, certain segments can undergo restoration, whereas others necessitate obliteration. Employ the GrabPack to mend the fractured contraptions or dismantle them entirely.

Your inventory boasts five modifiable weapons, each susceptible to enhancements that bolster their destructive capacity or hasten their readiness for action. The GrabPack, beyond its reparative function, furnishes you with an essential Repair tool.

Amass gold and silver currency within Combat Kings to refine your armaments, procure ammunition, and acquire exceptional gear. Multiple avenues to accrue wealth are at your disposal, whether through the downing of adversarial drones, the demolition of enemy machines, or the collection of components from the vanquished.

Moreover, the opportunity to augment your armory with newly discovered weapons and parts presents itself, empowering you to ascend in strength and dominance.

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What's new

-Added stages
-Added enemy types
-Added playable character
-Added story mode
-Added full soundtrack
-New menus
-New HUD
-New IAP options
-Improved graphics
-Improved controls
-Improved tutorials
-Improved optimization for better performance
-Bug fixes

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