Chemical Substances v3.1.0 MOD APK (Ad Free)

Last Updated on Dec 22, 2023
Do you Know the Formula of Ammonia? Or Hydrogen Peroxide? What is the Structure of Benzene? Learn more than 300 chemical substances that are studied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes.
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Andrey Solovyev
Dec 22, 2023
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Chemical Substances MOD APK (Ad Free)

Download The Latest APK Version of Chemical Substances MOD APK. An Android Educational Game this MOD comes with Ad Free Available download Yours Now.

The Chemistry Enigma Challenge is a cerebral odyssey delving into fundamental chemical knowledge. This interactive pursuit is meticulously crafted to facilitate a profound understanding of rudimentary chemistry facets, encompassing both organic and inorganic compounds, intricate reactions, and the kaleidoscope of elements. A pedagogical symphony unfolds, orchestrating the mastery of foundational Chemistry concepts, entwined with the vibrancy of amusement.

Within this cerebral playground, an array of inquiries beckons exploration, encapsulating organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and the enigmatic realms of biochemistry. Players wield the freedom to traverse these knowledge domains at their discretion. Each query unfurls before participants as a labyrinth of choices, demanding astute selection from a quartet of options labeled A, B, C, or D. The spectrum of question structures ranges from true/false dilemmas to multifaceted multiple-choice conundrums, fill-in-the-blank puzzles, and the engaging challenge of matching elements.

A journey encompassing over 300 chemical entities, meticulously curated from the annals of introductory and advanced chemistry curricula. The application’s crucible boasts a challenging quiz, adorned with a dozen questions, poised to gauge the depths of one’s chemical cognizance.

Levels of difficulty, akin to stepping stones through a cerebral ascension, present themselves as the novice, the adept, and the virtuoso. The neophyte tier weaves a tapestry of four sets of twelve questions, while the intermediate echelon amplifies the challenge with six sets, and the advanced pinnacle beckons with ten sets. The temporal tapestry for these cognitive odysseys is woven with the delicate thread of a 30-minute temporal constraint.

The alchemical arithmetic of success manifests in the form of correct answers, birthing an ascending numerical score. At any juncture within this cerebral sojourn, players may peer into the looking glass of progress and, if so inclined, broadcast their achievements through the social conduits of Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Features of Chemical Substances MOD APK

Discover the structure of organic molecules

This erudite escapade serves as a mnemonic catalyst, etching the chemical formulas and molecular tapestries of organic compounds into the recesses of your intellect. A pedagogical odyssey unfolds, revealing the arcane mysteries encapsulated within over 300 chemical entities, spanning amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and the elixirs we call vitamins.

Diverse avenues beckon for engagement within this cerebral crucible. A serendipitous journey awaits as you tap upon the screen, unveiling random chemical entities for your contemplation. Alternatively, the power to sculpt your learning trajectory rests in your hands; choose a specific chemical substance and unravel its molecular secrets. The “Chemical Chart” serves as your compass, elucidating the intricate structures of these molecular magnum opuses.

For those seeking to hone their cerebral acumen, the “Chemical Memory Game” presents itself as a crucible of recollection. A challenge unfolds, and in the face of defeat, hints graciously guide you toward unraveling the enigma of the elusive molecule.

Let each tap on the screen become a communion with the arcane formulas, and every challenge is a stepping stone towards mastering the molecular symphony.

Learn how to solve real chemistry problems

A journey of chemical problem-solving prowess with this avant-garde application designed to transmute your understanding of chemical concepts through interactive quizzes. Each inquiry within this cerebral labyrinth is a portal into enlightenment, coupled with concise elucidations to illuminate the path of comprehension. Navigate this knowledge domain by clicking the answer button adjacent to the correct response, an interactive ballet that fuses cognition and entertainment.

In the event of an errant response, fear not, for the portal of understanding remains ajar. Delve into the explanation anew, forging a bridge between misconception and clarity. Witness your understanding of chemistry blossom and evolve through this iterative process.

Tailor your chemical expedition to your level of expertise, whether novice or virtuoso. The Chemistry Quiz beckons the neophyte, a gateway to foundational understanding. For those well-versed in the alchemy of molecules, the Advanced Chemistry Quiz stands as a crucible, challenging the boundaries of your chemical cognizance.

The repository of knowledge extends beyond the digital realm; opt to study answers within the app or transcribe them into a tangible form, allowing for offline contemplation.

Behold a compendium of 150+ chemistry conundrums, each adorned with the thread of enlightenment in the form of answers. In this interactive voyage, let each click be a step towards unraveling the fabric of chemical intricacies, and each answer is a building block in the edifice of your chemical wisdom.

Download the app, take a test, get the results and study

As your knowledge burgeons, so does your point tally, a testament to the symbiosis of learning and scoring.

Behold the post-quiz tableau, where results unfold like the pages of a chemical tome. Delve into the intricacies of each substance, as the app becomes your conduit to an in-depth study session.

For those grappling with the enigma of chemistry, this app stands as a beacon of elucidation. If the realms of chemistry have already graced your intellect, fear not, for this app serves as the custodian of remembrance, a gentle nudge to recall the depths of your acquired knowledge.

In the tapestry of daily quizzes, find solace and triumph in the accumulation of points. Let the alchemy of learning weave seamlessly with your daily routine, and may each encounter with a chemical enigma be a step towards mastery and recollection.

Get the best results by taking the same test several times

The canvas of this educational adventure permits multiple attempts at the same test, transforming each iteration into an opportunity for deeper comprehension. For those elusive questions that dance on the edge of familiarity, fear not, for the supportive embrace of friends and family awaits, ready to lend a helping hand.

Survey the landscape of your intellectual conquests through the lens of scores, a tapestry woven with the threads of comprehension. Unveil the numerical reflections of your knowledge, serving as a compass guiding you through the labyrinth of chemical understanding.

Behold, a gem among educational apps for Android, gracing the digital corridors of Google Play. A testament to the symbiosis of play and learning, this application beckons you to embark on a journey where each test is not just an assessment but a stepping stone toward mastery.


Chemical Enlightenment with Chem Quiz, a captivating quiz game that transforms the intricate world of chemistry into a delightful and accessible learning experience.

This educational gem offers a gateway to grasp the fundamentals of chemistry, making it feasible for even those with minimal chemistry knowledge to explore basic terms. A simple understanding of chemical reactions, for instance, unveils the foundational formula of ammonia, showcasing the app’s ability to demystify complex concepts.

For those seeking a more profound dive into the intricacies, advanced players can unravel the structures within the app. The player is bestowed with the power to select correct answers, putting their chemistry knowledge to the test.

Challenge yourself with questions about the structures of various chemicals, each correct answer elevating your score. Delve into the results of each question, a reflective mirror to gauge the accuracy of your responses.

Chem-Quiz serves as a comprehensive compendium of chemical knowledge, with over 300 substances studied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes. The game unfolds across three distinct levels, each culminating in a challenging test. Success allows you to choose between progressing or revisiting the test for further mastery.

Tests are multifaceted, comprising a multiple-choice segment and a fill-in-the-blanks component. Navigate through five choices in the multiple-choice realm, mindful that incorrect answers entail a point deduction. The fill-in-the-blanks challenge beckons, demanding precision to avoid losing points.

As you traverse this educational odyssey, the ultimate goal is to attain the highest score. Completion of all eight tests ensures not just knowledge acquisition but also a substantial boost in points, marking your triumph in the realm of chemical mastery.

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+ Chemical Elements and Periodic Table.
+ New substances and levels: Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.
+ Dark theme.

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