Car Destruction MOD APK 1.6.11 (Unlimited Money)

A fighting game with thrilling attack experience. This time, your opponent will be solid cars.
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Apr 27, 2023
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Car Destruction MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of the Car Destruction MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Car Destruction MOD APK is a game that combines the excitement of car racing and the fun of destruction. It is an exciting game that you can play anytime and anywhere. The game is provided by the publisher MOBOT.

When you play this game, you will feel the thrill of driving a fast car, and the joy of smashing into other cars and destroying them.

When the other car crashes into yours, the two cars will explode into pieces, and you will be given a score for each piece. But you also have to be careful. Don’t run into walls, or you will be in trouble.

The game includes six different vehicles. In addition, you can also drive a tank. It is a big and heavy vehicle. It has a lot of power, and it is not easy to control.

When you drive the tank, you will feel that you are the tank driver. If you drive the tank, you will have a chance to get a higher score.

Car Destruction MOD APK is a card game with a simple concept. It is a game that is easy to play, but very difficult to master. Players must destroy the car in order to score points.

The car is surrounded by a barrier, and you need to break it to destroy the car. The player must choose the right speed and the right time to destroy the car.

The player must aim at the center of the car, and the target will be displayed. The player needs to press the left mouse button to destroy the car.

The player can choose the number of cars and cars to destroy. If you destroy more cars, you will receive more bonus points.

Car Destruction MOD APK is not difficult, but you need to think strategically, otherwise, you will lose. The game has a variety of cars, including motorcycles, trucks, sports cars, and even military vehicles.

Features of Car Destruction MOD APK

More than 200 cars will be coming to crush you

Car Destruction MOD APK will provide you with the opportunity to take on more than 200 cars. In order to defeat the car, you will have to utilize various weapons to destroy it.

You will find more than 100 kinds of different weapons in the game. And as you progress further, the number of cars will increase. So you need to buy more powerful weapons and train yourself to get better at this game.

Powerful weapons, upgrade your arsenal

In addition to the powerful weapons, you will also be able to upgrade your arsenal. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock more powerful weapons.

In Car Destruction MOD APK You will have to spend coins and credits to purchase more powerful weapons. With a variety of weapons, you will be able to protect yourself from a variety of attacks.

Different fighting abilities to use

In Car Destruction MOD APK With different fighting abilities, attempt to wreck out the auto in the shortest period. As you proceed through more degrees, automobiles will be increasingly more challenging to smash.

At this moment, if you want to update yourself and purchase more powerful weapons will you cope with all types of fresh challenges.

Bonus mode to encounter harder levels

A bonus mode is added to the game that will let you meet more difficult levels. In Car Destruction MOD APK This mode will be unlocked after you clear a certain amount of stages.

The Bonus Mode will give you a more intense fighting encounter. This mode will test your skills even further.

In addition, you can buy more powerful weapons with more money. You will be able to compete against more vehicles at once.


Car Destruction MOD APK is a fast-paced arcade game. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s car in the shortest period. The fight will begin with a car approaching the player.

In Car Destruction When the car is about to collide with the player, the player will be given a chance to hit the vehicle.

Hit the car and you’ll get an opportunity to hit the car again. In addition to the regular attack, you can also do a side attack to damage the opponent’s car.

This is a one-on-one game, so if you’re playing against another player, you can only play at the same level.

The main weapon is the machine gun. The machine gun will be used for the normal attack, but also for the side attack.

If you hit the car from the front, the machine gun will be activated and you can fire at the opponent’s car.

If you miss the opponent’s car, you’ll have to wait until the opponent’s car returns. This means that the opponent will be able to hit you.

After the opponent’s car is destroyed, you’ll be rewarded with a small number of coins. The game ends when the player’s car is destroyed.

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