BrawlShooters v1.3.5 MOD APK (High Damage)

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Brawl Shooters - Experience the barrage shooting action Roguelike.
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Mar 07, 2024
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BrawlShooters MOD APK (High Damage)

Download The Latest APK Version of BrawlShooters MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with a High Damage Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of virtual confrontation, BrawlShooters emerges as a competitive arena where participants clash, each endeavoring to eclipse their adversaries through superior marksmanship.

Enthusiasts have the liberty to align with their preferred faction, arming themselves with an arsenal of diverse ordnance. The paramount mission: is to obliterate the rival faction’s stronghold before facing their demise.

The rules of engagement dictate that adversaries can only be vanquished amidst their assault on your bastion; self-inflicted casualties are forbidden. Should you fall in battle, you forfeit a life, subsequently reawakening at the most recent bastion.

Within BrawlShooters, the armamentarium is comprised of four distinct implements of destruction. The armory bifurcates into primary and secondary firearms, the former boasting formidable power, while the latter, albeit less potent, still holds the capacity to dispatch foes. Close-quarters combatants may resort to bladed weapons for lethal encounters.

Leading the armament selection is the revolver, renowned for its potency and capability to dispatch adversaries with precision. Its inexhaustible ammunition reservoir ensures relentless firepower, despite its deliberate discharge rate, affirming its efficacy in combat scenarios.

Next, the sniper rifle stands as a sentinel, capable of neutralizing targets from afar. Despite its rapid rate of fire, its projectiles inflict minimal damage. Yet, the limitless ammunition cache negates any concern for resource depletion.

The machine gun, characterized by its sluggish rate of fire, compensates with devastating projectile force, albeit constrained by limited operational range, rendering it unsuitable for engaging distal adversaries.

Concluding the arsenal is the shotgun, distinguished by its rapid-fire capability and adeptness at close-quarters combat, albeit ineffective against distant targets.

Through this intricate tapestry of strategic gameplay and diverse armament options, BrawlShooters invites combatants to a theatre of war, where tactics, precision, and alliance play pivotal roles in the quest for supremacy.

Features of BrawlShooters MOD APK

Different game modes

In the enthralling universe of BrawlShooters, participants are bestowed with the choice among a trio of captivating game modalities: Arcade, Survival, and Time modes, each presenting unique challenges and gameplay dynamics.

Arcade mode stands as the zenith of popularity, beckoning players to confront the formidable overlords of the game. Here, endurance is key, as one must persevere against these daunting adversaries for as long as feasible.

Venturing into Survival mode introduces a twist, allowing contenders to dictate the game’s intensity and the multitude of bosses they wish to face, offering a tailored challenge that varies with each session.

Time mode, on the other hand, imposes a race against the clock, compelling players to vanquish the boss within the confines of a ticking timer, adding an exhilarating layer of urgency to the battle.

This diverse selection of modes ensures that BrawlShooters caters to a broad spectrum of gaming preferences, promising an engaging and dynamic experience to all who enter its virtual battlegrounds.

A variety of weapons

Within the vibrant arena of BrawlShooters, a plethora of armaments await, each designed to vanquish foes with efficiency. Elevating these instruments of combat is a streamlined process, allowing enhancements in damage output, operational range, firing velocity, and precision.

Furthermore, the pursuit of supremacy is fueled by the acquisition of currency, enabling warriors to procure superior weaponry, protective gear, and restorative concoctions. This gameplay is deeply rooted in the roguelike tradition, presenting a constantly evolving challenge as adversaries vary with each foray.

Such dynamics necessitate a mastery of one’s capabilities, demanding adaptability and strategic prowess. Navigating through the diverse arsenal, learning the nuances of each weapon, and confronting formidable leaders are essential steps on the path to victory in BrawlShooters.

Choose your character

BrawlShooters stands out as a groundbreaking Action RPG Roguelike game, enriched with a diverse cast of characters, each endowed with distinct styles and traits. This unique ensemble brings to the fore a multitude of skills, tailored to individual personas. Embarking on this adventure requires the astute selection of a character whose abilities align with your strategy to vanquish bosses and seize the coveted treasure chests.

3 Difficulty levels

In BrawlShooters, a real-time strategy game of escalating challenges, the journey begins with an introductory level that is both the simplest and most fundamental. Progressing to the second level, players encounter a heightened degree of difficulty, surpassing that of the initial stage. The third level represents the apex of challenge, demanding the utmost skill and strategic prowess. Amidst these trials, players have the opportunity to acquire treasure chests, adding a rewarding element to the navigational and combative endeavors.


BrawlShooters introduces itself as a side-scrolling shooter imbued with Roguelike elements, showcasing a riveting conflict between the hero and an array of adversaries. The arsenal at the player’s disposal is varied, with the primary armament being a machine gun capable of unleashing a barrage of bullets, while the secondary armament, a sniper rifle, allows for the simultaneous dispatch of multiple foes.

To augment combat efficacy, players may select from an assortment of buffs, enhancing their battlefield prowess. At the outset of BrawlShooters, players are presented with the opportunity to choose their avatar, with the option to switch characters at the commencement of each new stage.

Throughout the game, players will encounter diverse enemies, employing their weaponry to prevail and boost their performance. Advancing through the stages accrues experience points, facilitating character progression. Accumulating sufficient experience enables players to ascend in level, unlocking the potential to enhance their character’s capabilities.

Concluding each level presents the chance to acquire a treasure chest, further enriching the gameplay experience. Additionally, the game features a variety of unlockable bonuses, with the treasure chests serving as currency for procuring upgrades or new weapons, ensuring a dynamic and engaging adventure through the world of BrawlShooters.

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