Brave Nine – Tactical RPG MOD APK 2.43.2 (MOD Menu)

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Brave Nine – Tactical RPG MOD APK (MOD Menu)

Download The Latest APK Version of Brave Nine – Tactical RPG MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with MOD Menu Available download Yours Now.

Brave Nine is an RPG strategy-based game from Korean publisher Neowiz which will be available worldwide on 7 March 2019 for iOS as well as Android. The pre-registration process for Android is already in progress offering players the opportunity to play Brave Nine outside of Asia. Brave Nine’s growth in Asia has seen it reach more than three million downloads in the first three months and attracting thousands of gamers from all over the globe, is thought to be to be a modest achievement.

Following the assassination and murder of the Emperor Altair II in the war by God they split an empire across four regions. Starting in Brave Nine, the player assumes the role of Fabian’s son. He’s charged in replacing the father of his parents and creating his own army made up of Mercenaries for peace in the split Brown Dust land. They must discover the reason for their father’s treachery and bring the world to continuous conflict. It’s easy to play, but difficult to grasp, Brave Nine combines classic turn-based combatwith engaging story telling and cartoon-inspired graphics to provide the best mobile strategy game.

The most notable features of Brown Dust include over 300 Mercenary to collect, as well as over 1200 battles that are unique and challenging and storyline-based missions. There are a myriad of ways to modify and enhance the experience of your Mercenary season Guild War PVP (Seasonal Guild War), Dungeon, World Boss and Co-op Raid. Battles take place on a map of 3×6 and typically take place in a 9vs9 style. The objective is nothing other than to destroy enemies by staging battles for warriors, using a variety of moves, and calculating attack ranges as well as effects. It is also worth looking at the attack sequence of the adversary.

There are more than 300 Mercenaries who are part of Brave Nine and we divide them into four categories, namely Warriors, Defenders, Supporters and Magician. Players can experience the process of the process of strengthening, leveling up and unlocking abilities of Mercenaries to enhance their capabilities. Some mercenaries work better in achieving the purpose of a Set Effect. Therefore, players may try to collect various Mercenaries to achieve an effective Set Effect.

NICE GRAPHICS and Characters of Brave Nine – Tactical RPG MOD APK 

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG offers an immersive 3D environment that includes a variety of well-crafted elements. It is an era of mythology which is a genre that lots of players love due to its mystery and the story. However our protagonist has a story to tell that is not to be missed when exploring various missions. For fans of anime-style drawings this game is a great match.

If you play the game, you can enjoy diverse adventures featuring different characters. A majority of the characters come with features identical to the characters from popular Japanese anime films. So, the players will be enticed to the game’s features when they are able to invite additional characters to their teams. Even during the game this can be a great reason to let them experience the game.


There are numerous things you will encounter in the latest season Brave Nine and players will not be able to overlook these since it has a particular effect on game’s play. One of the first things must be noted is the Campaign element. Currently it has a few Chapters that include the Very Difficulty mode, in order to give players the time to battle their opponents. In addition the Four Mercenary players have had their characters revamped and have new strategies for players who use these characters.


Brave Nine – Tactical RPG provides simple and easy game play for players. You’ll go through various missions within the game, and go through the adventures of the protagonist. In addition you’ll have to manage and organize the various characters on your team in order to conquer different obstacles. Thus, by playing through the various stages, players will be able to grasp the rules of the game.

The game is based on turn-based combat within a area that is divided into numerous smaller squares. It’s an area for the player to stand and then change their position from one to the next with a swipe. In the same way, the character’s arrangement needs to be a specific calculation as you cannot be able to control every character, but be watching their battle against the other. The typical team will have numerous characters.

Every character will be assigned the right position according to the character’s traits abilities, stats, and skills. It is one of the aspects that require a significant amount in time to players as they must read and know their strategies as well as how they can apply their knowledge. It is therefore crucial as every game is played on a computer and each factor could impact the success of the game’s display.

In the initial phase of the game, you’ll be able to organize your team and understand the lineup of your opponent so that you can make a decision in a feasible method. Once you have started, you can find the hit order for each player with an image below. Thus, having an effective roster is an absolute requirement for games that fall into this category. However it is a time-consuming process.


The character who is going to accompany the player in overcoming the difficulties that are part of Brave Nine is the Mercenaries with impressive and varied abilities. You’ll set up the group of characters and then arrange them in an area that is divided into fifteen different squares. While doing this you can arrange your characters in various positions you consider appropriate, based on their characteristics as a class. Particularly, those who hold shields are often more resistant than other characters.

Players will encounter different levels, and the first mode you encounter in the mode of Campaign. There are levels you must conquer using Mercenaries and must meet various criteria to get the best stars. In addition you’ll know the position of your opponent in advance to establish a sensible plan of attack. After you have begun playing the game, you’re goal is simply to observe the outcome of the battle since an automatic mechanism is in charge of the game’s mechanics.

SUMMONS STRONG Characters in Brave Nine – Tactical RPG MOD APK 

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG offers a variety of characters that players will require a significant amount of time to add to their teams. For many players gacha mechanisms are one that’s not all that novel, even though it has the odd attraction. It is necessary for the player to have some resources for spinning the gacha. Additionally, you can discover different banners to spin in accordance with your requirements. It’s all based on luck.

If you’ve got an impressive character, you’ll not be able to only observe them during the game. It is beneficial to find ways to boost their skills and stats so that they can beat various levels. Each upgrade uses a particular resource, which is evident that you’ll need to spend a lot of time earning these. It will be fun to watch your favorite character get stronger.

If you’ve built a formidable squad, you’ll be able to play in a variety of challenging matches. There are many missions that players must complete, and the game’s mode does not only include PVE. The players can be part of major Boss battles with assistance from other players. Additionally, PVP is no longer an unexplored method, and it’s an chance for you to be assertive yourself.

Take part in DIFFERENT Game MODES

A fascinating aspect of players encounter Brave Nine is that you are not playing alone, however, you will be interacting with others in various kinds of games. In every match, the roles of the other players will vary. For instance that during Arena mode, you’ll be playing with your Mercenary team in a match against another player. Of course, these games will be long because the power of the characters from both sides of the game will be a formidable force.

Another option that players should be involved in are Raid games, which usually be played within Guild Raid mode. You be a part of your Guild to battle at various locations, and you can alter the difficulty of your opponent. Naturally, it will be a problem that the majority of guild members will take time to work on the problem. However the most interesting thing to note during the game is that you’ll be able to earn amazing rewards. One that is even more impressive would be The Premium Scroll.

The game is worth the Experiential

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG offers you a feature that players will love. The process takes time and effort to construct an effective lineup, since every position has its own purpose to play. However it is resource- and time-intensive when you play the gacha. Make sure to use your time and resources wisely and take part in intense PVP as well as PVE battles.


In the beginning of Brave Nine, the player will be able to summon a number of characters, which includes three-star characters. This is why it’s logical to summon additional characters to boost the power of your team. The summoning of characters will be split into banners that are different every banner has a specific summoning speed and different characters that you must keep an eye on. Additionally, the leveling of characters can be increased if you have enough items

MOD Features of Brave Nine – Tactical RPG MOD APK :

1. MOD Menu
3. Battles Speed x20
4. The ability to automatically repeat the fight (perfect option for AFK farming)

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