Bloom Icon Pack v6.1 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2024
Circular icons will never go out of fashion. And we are excited to bring a new amazing icon pack with really beautiful design,look and feel. This Icon Pack has a unique style - from up-close, the icons look like they're really cute, which makes for a stunningly-different look in the digital age. There are over 5000 icons as well as a multitude of high-quality wallpapers to complement the look.
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Jan 27, 2024
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Bloom Icon Pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Bloom Icon Pack MOD APK. This MOD is An Android Personalization App with Patch Unlocked Available downloads Yours Now.

In the realm of digital aesthetics, behold a complimentary assortment of icons destined to bestow an avant-garde allure upon your applications. Crafted by a cadre of seasoned designers, endowed with years of expertise in the intricate artistry of Android icon design.

Diligently toiling through the annals of time, this collective of designers has labored assiduously to grace you with the epitome of iconography available in the market. Each icon, is an epitome of vectored brilliance, meticulously fashioned to adorn your visual landscape with unparalleled precision and high-resolution splendor.

An array of dimensions awaits your selection 18×18, 24×24, 36×36, 48×48, 72×72, 96×96, 144×144, and 192×192, a symphony of choices unfurling before you, graciously free to download and integrate into your digital tapestry.

Delve into a palette of myriad hues and styles, an assortment as diverse as your creative whims. A pantheon of customization options awaits, with icons meticulously handcrafted, ensuring an unblemished visage.

Opt for the venerable PNG format to archive these visual gems. Embark on a journey to procure the most recent iteration of this icon compendium, and savor the infusion of freshness into your digital embellishments.

This iconic compendium stands as an avant-garde visual feast for users, offering a canvas for customization that transcends the mundane. With a design that ensnares the beholder, users are invited to revel in the application’s allure.

A versatile pantheon catering to both Windows and Android aficionados, boasting over 300 icons to metamorphosize your device into a realm of distinctiveness.

The simplicity of this icon pack beckons a facile metamorphosis of your device’s facade. Tailored for those who revel in diverging from the conventional, providing a conduit to transform your phone into an entity of divergence.

Embark on a visual odyssey, and redefine the countenance of your phone effortlessly through the seamless integration of this icon pack. Embark on the download and installation journey, immersing yourself in the symbiosis of style and functionality.

Behold the Bloom Icon Pack, an opulent assembly of icons adorned with mesmerizing animations. A novel endeavor for those seeking a departure from the mundane, a visual symphony to redefine your phone’s aesthetics.

Installation becomes a mere tryst of a few clicks. Within the app’s embrace, revel in the kaleidoscopic visual panorama, where your icons transcend the ordinary, etching their presence indelibly in the digital tapestry of your device.

Features of Bloom Icon Pack MOD APK

Over 5000+ icons

In the expansive landscape of icon packs, none rival the eminence of this particular offering. Boasting an extensive repertoire of over 5000+ icons, it furnishes users with the latitude to tailor their devices in alignment with their idiosyncratic needs and predilections.

The ensemble of icons is meticulously curated, a harmonious amalgamation of 24 distinct icons meticulously chosen to yield an unparalleled and unadulterated user experience. Whether the exigency pertains to a domestic milieu or an entrepreneurial setting, this icon pack proves versatile, seamlessly integrating into virtually any application across a myriad of devices.

The Bloom Icon Pack stands as an effusion of creativity, featuring an opulence of 5,000+ icons that exude an aura of endearing charm. Characterized by their superlative cuteness, vibrant hues, and playful aesthetics, these icons transcend mere functionality, rendering them ideal for integration into applications, websites, games, and a plethora of other digital domains.

Unique and modern look

In the realm of mobile personalization, a substantial cohort expresses a penchant for infusing a touch of adorability into their devices. Recognizing this proclivity, we present this meticulously crafted pack, a veritable reservoir of icons designed with the twin tenets of cuteness and perfection at the forefront of our creative endeavors.

Every icon within this collection stands as a singular masterpiece, curated with precision and chosen by a diverse array of applications and designers spanning the globe. This assembly represents a curated selection, amalgamated to bestow upon your phone an unprecedented level of delight. Our aspiration is that this offering resonates with your aesthetic sensibilities and enhances your mobile experience to unparalleled heights.

High-Resolution Wallpapers

If the pursuit of an aesthetically stunning phone is your quest, then this app stands as your unequivocal ally. It represents the quintessence of a comprehensive compilation, offering an unparalleled array of high-resolution wallpapers poised to elevate the visual allure and tactile ambiance of your device.

Within this collection, a total of 20 wallpapers unfold, each a testament to a diverse spectrum ranging from endearing and vibrant to sleek and minimalist. The images, meticulously crafted, are presented in HD resolution, ensuring a display of utmost clarity that befits the discerning eye.

The accessibility of these wallpapers is as versatile as their visual appeal. Direct download to your mobile device is an option, as is the alternative of saving them within your phone’s gallery. If storage space is a precious commodity, an astute strategy unfolds to save the wallpapers on your PC, orchestrating a seamless transfer to your mobile device at a juncture that aligns with your convenience.

Customize your icons

Personalize your icons with unparalleled freedom, transcending the confines of conventional shapes and sizes. Avail yourself of a rich repository boasting over 100 exquisite icons, each a testament to the seamless amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. Craft your bespoke icon pack, tailor-made for your app, launcher, and beyond.

Within this assemblage, 24 icons beckon, awaiting your creative touch to infuse them with your unique flair. The app facilitates a streamlined process of downloading the icons with ease and unleashing your imagination. A mere drag-and-drop maneuver within the app empowers you to alter the color palette of your chosen icon, sculpting it to match your taste.

Beckoning you into a realm of limitless customization, the Bloom Icon Pack extends its capabilities further. Not only can you imbue the icons with your preferred colors, but you can also introduce text. The app offers the flexibility to tweak the text’s hue, ensuring a harmonious integration with your overall design, and allowing for precise adjustments to its placement.

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• 50+ New Icons (Total 5740+)
• Added New and Updated Activities
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• 24 New Icons

• 24 New Icons

• 24 New Icons

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• 15 New Icons

• 15 New Icons

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• 25 New Icons

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