Bazooka Boy MOD APK 2.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Aug 02, 2023
Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunch of amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different and unique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases and crush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimited possibilities to shoot your way to victory! Fun ragdoll enemies and crazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content and challenges, go and wipe out all the enemies to win!
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Aug 02, 2023
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Bazooka Boy MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Bazooka Boy MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Bazooka Boy MOD APK is a game that has the action of shooting enemies with a bazooka. The game is developed by the publisher SEGA and published by the company.

This game is set in the era of World War II. The player is a young boy named Tommy who was sent by his father to save his country from a great threat.

The enemy is Nazi Germany which wants to take over the world. The game has a very special story, and players will love it.

In Bazooka Boy MOD APK The main character is Tommy, a boy who lives in a small town. He is a brave man, but his father is a coward.

One day, Tommy found out that his father died in a war. When he saw the news, Tommy felt very sad, so he decides to join the army. There, he meets many people who help him to learn how to use a bazooka.

As a soldier, the player is required to fight against the enemy, and there are many types of enemies. They are the enemy’s soldiers, tanks, planes, and helicopters.

The player can choose to fight the enemies alone or join the allies. The allies will help the player to fight and help him to earn more money.

Tommy has a bazooka, but it is not easy to shoot an enemy. To shoot the enemy, you need to aim carefully. The enemy is very fast, so it is not easy to hit them.

If you miss, you will lose a life. But you can choose to reload your bazooka. The player needs to try to make more and more money, and this will be the main task in the game.

If talking about items, Bazooka Boy MOD APK is not missing. But most have to pay with cash, I don’t encourage you to do that. Play the game precisely as planned real strategy.

Use your mind to combine with the bazookas you have and win. Bazooka and Grenade, where trees are known as warriors. No longer like the meek plant, now the plants and flowers are powerful fighting weapons.

Features of Bazooka Boy MOD APK

Awesome and cool soundtrack

The music is really cool, it fits perfectly in the gameplay, and the sound effects add a lot of atmosphere to the game. Each level is accompanied by an awesome and cool soundtrack.

Listen to it while playing and get ready to blast your way through the game. The awesome soundtrack will make you want to play Bazooka Boy MOD APK even more.

Music is an integral part of the gaming experience and the game features an awesome and cool soundtrack.

Collect and equip all the cool weapons and unlock new ones

Collect and equip all the cool weapons and unlock new ones! Play as a little space boy with a bazooka, and blast your way to victory. Collect the rockets and shoot the enemies with a cool touch of bazooka shooting action!

Collect and equip all the cool weapons and unlock new ones to increase your power. In Bazooka Boy MOD APK There are lots of cool things to discover in the game. You’ll see them all once you start playing the game.

Destroy all the enemy bases and buildings

It’s time to destroy the enemies and their bases and buildings. Crush them all, take them out with a single shot, and win the level.

If you can’t do it with a single shot, just get more bullets and keep firing until you’ve taken out the enemy base or building.

In Bazooka Boy MOD APK There are lots of different enemies that you need to deal with, such as tanks, robots, zombies, dragons, bosses, and even some crazy creatures. Each of these enemies has its own special abilities and special attacks. There are also lots of different environments to destroy.

Watch out for the powerups and collect them

Discover the huge arsenal of weapons and powerups in this action game. Collect them all and learn their unique powers. You’ll find yourself on an endless journey of destruction and destruction.

In Bazooka Boy MOD APK Destroy the enemy base and collect all the powerups along the way. Watch out for the awesome powerups, because you’ll need them to save yourself and the rest of the team.


Bazooka Boy MOD APK is an exciting, fun, and challenging game. You’ll get to play as Bazooka Boy, a brave warrior who loves to fight and destroy his enemies.

You’ll need to collect weapons and power-ups to help you destroy all of the enemies and save your village from the invaders.

As you play, you’ll be challenged to complete various missions, including destroying the enemy base, collecting the most powerups, defeating the boss, and collecting the most coins.

Each mission is filled with tricky puzzles, hidden secrets, and cool powerups. It’s up to you to master your abilities and overcome the challenges to become the ultimate Bazooka Boy!

You can use your weapons to destroy everything around you. The more enemies you kill, the more coins you earn.

Collect the powerups and collect the coins to unlock new levels and become the ultimate Bazooka Boy!

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