AWP Mode v1.8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets)

Last Updated on Dec 30, 2023
Love online shooting games and always go for the sniper rifle? Get ready for epic sniper games battles against other players. No other guns allowed! A huge arsenal of dozens of sniper rifles and lots of heroes to choose from will keep your itchy trigger finger happy
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Dec 30, 2023
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AWP Mode MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets)

Download The Latest APK Version of AWP Mode MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Bullets Available download Yours Now.

Embark on a pulse-quickening odyssey with this adrenaline-soaked combat simulation. Submerge yourself in a gripping online gaming escapade brimming with a myriad of captivating attributes. Arm yourself with a formidable arsenal, featuring a firearm and a visage concealer, setting the stage for an electrifying gaming expedition.

In the capacity of a proficient marksman, your objective is to eradicate a multitude of well-armed adversaries. Prepare yourself for the impending challenge, as the opposition proves to be formidable. This gaming venture serves as a crucible for honing the finesse of precision, wielding a sniper rifle with artistry.

Plunge into a realm where nimble reflexes and adept sharpshooting acumen reign supreme. Bear in mind that your actions are constrained to a solitary shot per round, intensifying the significance of every maneuver. Deftly outmaneuver your adversaries to evade succumbing to their relentless offensive. Amplify your gameplay by enhancing your rifle or procuring a suppressor for clandestine maneuvers.

This immersive gunfire encounter casts you as a sniper deployed to a theater of war, fixated on a specific mark within your crosshairs. Bask in the authenticity of this action-laden gaming masterpiece, showcasing top-tier visuals and an enthralling narrative that authentically encapsulates the essence of a sniper’s existence on the battleground.

Embark on diverse gaming modalities, each presenting a unique challenge. Engage in solitary assignments where the objective is to eliminate a designated target or collaborate with comrades in cooperative mode to confront collective objectives. For a heightened interactive experience, delve into multiplayer mode and contend against fellow online players.

The game’s true-to-life graphics and impressive visual effects contribute significantly to its overall verisimilitude. With controls designed for user ease, you can seamlessly navigate the battleground. However, bear in mind that, despite the added layer of exhilaration in multiplayer mode, this game is not intended for a younger audience. Prepare yourself for a gaming odyssey that seamlessly amalgamates realism, strategic thinking, and pulsating action.

Features of AWP Mode MOD APK

Upgrade your weapon and unlock new ones

In the realm of online sniper games, brace yourself for an exhilarating odyssey dedicated to fortifying your arsenal. This application touts an expansive assortment of elite-tier sniper rifles, precision scopes, clandestine silencers, and an abundance of accouterments. Elevation of your gear is the key to emerging as an unparalleled marksman in the sniper games arena.

Embark on a riveting escapade, immersing yourself in a high-voltage spectacle as you augment your weaponry and reveal a treasure trove of novel arms, enthralling skins, and avant-garde gadgets. Go beyond merely customizing your arsenal; extend the personalization to your protagonist. Choose from a myriad of gear and ensembles, curating a truly distinctive and formidable persona.

More than 20 sniper rifles are available for use in the game

Inside the application, a varied array of more than 20 sniper rifles stands ready for your selection, offering a plethora of choices right from the game’s inception.

Venture beyond the domain of sniper rifles, as the weaponry expands to encompass a diverse array of alternatives, including machine guns and shotguns. This multiplicity empowers you to inject ingenuity into your tactical maneuvers.

Those predisposed to collaborative gameplay, relish the opportunity to interact with comrades, challenging one another in grand online skirmishes. Delve deeper into companionship by forging a cohesive team, uniting with allies to strategically dismantle opposing factions.

Choose your hero and fight in epic sniper games

Assortment of sniper rifles, each imbued with distinctive and exceptional attributes. Engage yourself in the myriad of sniper game modes presented by the application.

Inside the application, customize your gaming venture by selecting from an array of game modes, encompassing classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and beyond! Elect your favored mode and savor the thrill of participating in grandiose sniper contests.

Realistic 3D graphics

Indulge in an elevated tier of authenticity with the game’s graphics, transporting you into a realm that mirrors the genuineness of playing on a tangible console.

Immerse yourself in the enthralling charm of 3D graphics that not only captivate but also captivate you in this extraordinary shooter. The true-to-life 3D visuals conjure the sensation of engaging with a palpable console.

Within the application, the seamless fusion of authentic 3D graphics and physics crafts an immersive encounter, instilling the sense that you are an indispensable element of the game. The enthralling 3D graphics ensure a perpetual fount of amusement and involvement in this remarkable shooter.


Plunge into the heart-pounding dynamics of this high-velocity game, presenting an eclectic array of sniper rifles for you to wield. Precision stands as the linchpin as you target the craniums of your adversaries or strategically dispatch targets from a distance using your sniper arsenal.

Pick your favored sniper rifle and couple it with the hero of your choosing, armed with a formidable weapon to ensure triumph in the impending skirmish.

In the online battleground, tactical stealth proves paramount to success; stay concealed and elude detection from your rivals. Alternatively, choose to personify one of the myriad heroes in the game, each bestowed with distinctive weapons and abilities.

Step into AWP Mode, where the selection of your hero becomes pivotal. Traverse through a myriad of heroes, each harboring unique attributes. Hand-select your preferred character and fortify yourself for the imminent clash.

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What's new

- New emotions have been added
- News have been added to the game
- Rewards are offered for updating the game
- Tutorial quests have beed added to the game
- New Battle Pass season
- Gold miners have been added to the game
- New Character "Politician 45"

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