Awesome Tanks v1.396 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 07, 2024
Classic top-down 2d tank shooter is finally available on the Google Play with all-new graphics, physics engine, smooth and responsive dual thumb controls. Prepare to unleash a war! Smash enemy tanks, destroy bosses, find secret rooms full of bonuses.
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Mar 06, 2024
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Awesome Tanks MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Awesome Tanks MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital entertainment, “Awesome Tanks” emerges as a thrilling action endeavor, where the player assumes the mantle of a tank commander, embarking on a quest to vanquish foes. The crux of this virtual challenge lies in the obliteration of adversaries through strategic artillery fire.

Beyond the primary objective of adversary annihilation, the game entices players with the opportunity to amass an assortment of items, which serve to augment the capabilities of their armored vessel. “Awesome Tanks” distinguishes itself with an intuitive user interface and a visually vibrant setting, designed to engender a sense of euphoria and simulate the exhilaration of tank command.

This digital diversion is crafted as a three-dimensional experience, offering a triad of distinct scenarios. The inaugural scenario tasks the player with the elimination of antagonists amidst the arid expanse of a desert. Subsequently, the challenge transitions to the dense foliage of a jungle, followed by the rugged terrain of a mountainous region. Within each scenario, players are incentivized to collect enhancements for their tank.

Moreover, the game introduces the concept of vehicular augmentation, including the deployment of turrets—a specialized armament capable of launching projectiles at adversaries from a considerable range.

“Awesome Tanks” stands as a compelling proposition for aficionados of military simulations and tank warfare, characterized by its simplicity and swift learning curve.

Marking its debut as a pioneering action-packed tank simulation, “Awesome Tanks” allows players the liberty to select their avatar and vehicular steel steed. The game offers a selection from three primary classes of tanks, each bifurcated into two unique models, thereby catering to diverse combat preferences.

Encompassing three distinct landscapes, each battlefield in “Awesome Tanks” is imbued with unique strategic elements pivotal for triumph. This confluence of varied gameplay mechanics, alongside the game’s emphasis on strategic diversity and visual appeal, positions “Awesome Tanks” as a paragon of interactive tank warfare, inviting players to immerse themselves in the art of armored combat.

Features of Awesome Tanks MOD APK

Create your levels in the level editor

Within the digital confines of “Awesome Tanks,” the game extends an invitation to wield creativity through its level editor. This tool is endowed with an abundance of functionalities, enabling the construction of personalized arenas. Here, aficionados of the classic arcade genre will find themselves at home, navigating a game that is a testament to interactive entertainment.

The level editor is a canvas for the player’s imagination, offering the tools to sculpt landscapes dotted with edifices, foliage, aquatic features, and an array of other elements. Furthermore, this digital atelier empowers creators with the ability to infuse their levels with a unique auditory and visual identity, through the incorporation of bespoke musical compositions, imagery, and soundscapes.

The ease with which one can forge a level and disseminate it amongst the community is remarkable, fostering a culture of sharing and collaboration. Moreover, the editor’s versatility extends to the crafting of battlegrounds tailored for multiplayer engagements, including modes of survival and deathmatch.

Embarking on a venture within “Awesome Tanks” is to embrace the dual roles of combatant and creator, where the traditional bounds of gaming are redefined. It’s a space where the legacy of arcade games is both preserved and reimagined, offering a multilayered experience that resonates with enthusiasts and innovators alike.

Collect coins to upgrade your tank’s stats, purchase and improve weapons

Beyond the traditional mechanics of play, “Awesome Tanks” introduces a novel method for accumulating coins, enriching the game’s dynamics. With each successful strike against adversaries, players are rewarded with coins, weaving an additional layer of strategy and reward into the fabric of the game.

These accumulated coins serve as the currency for advancement within the game’s ecosystem, permitting players to enhance their tank’s attributes, procure advanced weaponry, and refine their combat abilities. Moreover, the game unveils novel avenues for accessing exclusive items, adding an element of discovery and achievement.

The coin system in “Awesome Tanks” facilitates a personalized progression pathway, allowing for the customization of tanks. Players can invest in superior armaments, bolster their armor and velocity, and incorporate formidable shields and explosive ordnance into their arsenal. Each tank, distinct in its aesthetic, can be adorned with a variety of cosmetic modifications, including eclectic hats, vibrant paint schemes, and decorative stickers.

This intricate economy of coins and upgrades in “Awesome Tanks” not only amplifies the excitement and depth of gameplay but also empowers players to tailor their experience to their individual preferences, blending the thrill of combat with the joy of customization.

Earn multiple achievements

“Awesome Tanks” is replete with an extensive array of in-game achievements, rewarding players for each triumph, be it vanquishing a foe, fulfilling a mission, or surmounting a level. This system of commendations motivates continuous engagement, as up to 40 achievements can be unlocked daily, incentivizing frequent participation.

At the core of “Awesome Tanks” lies an advanced physics engine, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience throughout. Coupled with the inclusion of a level editor and an assortment of maps, the game offers unparalleled creative freedom, allowing players to fashion their battlegrounds.

The pursuit of achievements in “Awesome Tanks” spans a variety of objectives across different game modes, each accomplishment a testament to the player’s skill and ingenuity. This diverse collection of challenges and rewards enriches the gaming experience, encouraging exploration, strategy, and personal expression within the dynamic world of “Awesome Tanks.”

Unlock new weapons and tanks as you progress

In the dynamic universe of “Awesome Tanks,” progression is marked by the unlocking of formidable new armaments and formidable tanks. As players delve deeper into the game, they are presented with opportunities to significantly enhance their tank, equipping it with devastatingly powerful weaponry.

The arsenal at the player’s disposal is vast, offering a broad spectrum of weapons and shields for tactical deployment against adversaries. The challenge extends beyond mere enemy combatants to formidable bosses, each encounters a test of strategy and firepower. Exploration is rewarded; new territories hold hidden chambers filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Additionally, the journey through “Awesome Tanks” is punctuated with the achievement of new milestones, each a reflection of the player’s prowess and accomplishments. This rich tapestry of advancement, discovery, and achievement makes every moment in “Awesome Tanks” an engaging experience, constantly pushing the boundaries of what players can achieve and discover.


In the exhilarating world of “Awesome Tanks,” players assume command of a tank, navigating through intense battles against a multitude of enemy tanks. The game offers a rich single-player campaign, as well as the opportunity to engage in competitive play with friends via online multiplayer mode.

With a diverse arsenal of over a hundred tanks, each distinguished by its unique balance of strengths and vulnerabilities, players are spoilt for choice. Initially provided with a rudimentary tank, progression through the game unlocks access to more formidable armored vehicles, enhancing the strategic depth of play.

A tank’s capabilities are quantified in three primary attributes: Health, Armor, and Speed. Health is depicted through a bar that diminishes upon taking damage, indicating the tank’s vitality. Armor, on the other hand, is visualized by a bar that increases in the absence of damage, reflecting the tank’s durability and resistance to enemy fire. Lastly, Speed is symbolized by a bar that amplifies with movement, showcasing the tank’s nimbleness and ability to maneuver through obstacles and adversaries.

Commencing your journey in “Awesome Tanks” with a basic tank, the game unfolds as a thrilling adventure of tactical warfare. As players delve deeper, they will discover and acquire advanced tanks and equipment, each encounter a step towards mastering the art of armored combat.

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