Auto Defense MOD APK v1.3.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Aug 02, 2023
Protect your castle, build powerful synergies, unlock, merge, and upgrade your turrets. Sweep roguelite enemy waves and complete distinct worlds while insatiable alien swarms chow down on your castle.
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Gameloft SE
Aug 02, 2023
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Auto Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Auto Defense MOD APK. An Android Strategy Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money/Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Description of Auto Defense MOD APK

Auto Defense MOD APK is an strategy game by the well-known Publisher Gameloft SE. It is a game where you will defend by joining a number of Turrets to create an entirely new turret which is large and powerful. It also comes with an incredible firepoweR

What’s new in Auto Defense?

Tower defense players are nearly similar in their premise of “holding something while shooting at the opponent before they get to the end of the area that we control”. Of course, as with Rogue-like, if an enemy is able to enter the city and the game ends, it’s over.

What makes players fall in love with the genre is the fact that every game is unique in its own way. From the form of the tower to the machines, tools, people and defense weapons and defense strategies… All possess their own unique characteristics that you can explore and benefit from. In terms of the particularties in the strategy and gameplay of this genre, no product can compete with Auto Defense, a tower defense game developed by Gameloft SE.


It’s a game of “playing chess” which is a brand new modern version. Instead of needing to access a chessboard on the table and bring players along to play actual game of chess, you could play chess directly on your mobile with thousands of players. It’s a very convenient option that lets you battle with more of the top players, which allows you to develop and enhance your abilities in every move.

This game is created in MoBa style, and is available in high-quality at no cost. Particularly the latest version, the errors in the previous versions have been streamlined. In addition it is possible to upgrade the puzzle’s forms in a different and appealing direction, which will make players more eager to achieve the game’s final victory.

The capability to join the turrets is awe inspiring.

Not just duels and combat games use the concept of “combo”. When you play Auto Defense, you will discover the definition of a combo when playing the tower defense game for your first-time. When you find a few tiny turrets that are of decent quality, you can combine them to create an alternative that is larger and more appealing, and most crucially, its strength is a lot higher than the older ones. It is true that there are numerous types of turrets available in the game. Therefore, combining turrets from similar design to create a completely new type will greatly increase the variety of towers. Combinations like these can widen your eyes as well as help the defense of your tower to be stronger.

Alongside the Turrets merging ability You can also mix several weapons from your inventory. You can also upgrade them and unlock new weapons to take out enemies quicker. Try to get as many wins as you can, and you’ll be able to acquire many different weapons that aren’t expensive.


In the course of playing players will be faced with the responsibility of constructing powerful armies for themselves. This is the team that will be forming that will be able to control the positions in the chess squares which is the main focus of the fight. The chess pieces that are on the chessboard specifically for your team, are overseen and controlled by you completely. They are responsible for being a support to each other in order to take on and eliminate the other team’s troops. If you know how to play chess you’ll be able to master beginning this game since it’s only changing how it’s played. Furthermore the drive to win is stronger in the event that the opponent team is experienced.

If you’re looking to gain access to more advanced generals in order to complete many important tasks within the game it is very smart upgrading your diamond block. But, you must be attentive and focused with every step you take because even the smallest mistake can cause you to lose quickly. The game will be a source of regrets due to your negligence and inexperience.

The well-known invasion scene

A majority of the games currently available on the market have the premise that “good always wins over the evil” as well. Auto Defense will not change. You’ll have to attempt to defend your base against the assaults by aliens. The gameplay’s specifics have reduced the intensity rather, it’s amusing in the style. This will definitely make this game more suited to many gamers.

The world is now more prosperous than it ever has been due to its endless resources. The people are content with what they have , and have no intention of advancing into another country. Prior to the development in the world, aliens became jealous and formed an army that was ready to conquer the earth. Be vigilant to ensure your peace on the planet including the castle every conflict.

Audio and graphics of Auto Defense MOD APK

Auto Defense has super attractive 3D graphics that are vibrant colors and plenty of energy. Vertical screens are always the best option when it comes to tower protection screens. which makes it easy to watch and take action regardless of the situation.

I love the quick rate in Auto Defense. I remember playing Plants & Zombies I became fed up of everything moving at a slow pace. Now, when I play Auto Defense, it feels like discovering a brand new sky. Shoot quickly and directly at the goal. The thrilling sound effects are amazing, enhancing the fight intensity substantially. Music in the background is similarly intense, which causes adrenaline to rise. I think you’ll be missing Auto Defense a lot if playing slower-speed defence tower games.

Protect the base

Auto Defense has a traditional tactical approach. So, you’ll need to ensure your base from attacks by the enemies. The first level will be fairly easy to allow players to gain access to the game quickly. The difficulty will increase during the subsequent challenges when you aren’t making the right choices and fail, you’ll be able to do it quickly.

The enemy’s attacks are likely to occur on different kinds of terrain. Therefore, players will benefit from this feature to position their forces in the most precise way to win every game screen. Fortresses that are included that are included in the game can assist you in taking down your opponents in just a few seconds. Enhance them to boost your power and conquer obstacles with ease.

Additionally, Auto Defense also offers an extensive military systems. It allows you to upgrade structures and build powerful armies that can stop the advancement of the enemy. This isn’t often played in the typical goalkeeper genre. It allows you to experience the thrill of the gameplay experience.


A variety of factors can create an appealing chess game. In the event that it is generated by the quick wits of players, the game’s parity is exactly the same in the game. The chess style creates the players with a unique experience who play chess using an impressive and small touchscreen. There are many levels of difficulty with the champion system that is very varied that has expanded the eyes of the player and triggered an increase in creativity.

As you can see, it’s a very high-end game that is not just evident in the beautiful chess display creator but also in the graphics and the gameplay. The graphics are attractive and sharp and make it difficult for players to not be impressed. Additionally, the new levels can lead to new unlocks that make players happy about it, and playing more and enjoy the game.

Combine the cannons

In addition to using cannons by putting them in appropriate places to strike at enemies players may also combine cannons. In this way, Auto Defense allows players to combine similar cannons in order to create synergies. Each of the cannons in the game has a different range and strength. This means that they can be able to help one another in various situations to help players learn quickly how to win. There are a variety of different ways to play this game which allow players to develop their own unique style of play.


This is a game which helps you develop your brain to think effectively. Because it’s a sport that requires a lot of gray matter and dazzling calculation on the part of the player this game is an excellent one to everyone who plays it, both for comfort and for memory thinking exercises. Additionally, this game is free of irritating advertisements for players, and allows players to have fun and develop individual levels of their own.

If you’d like to play the mod mode of these games You can download and upgrade to the latest version! In this mode, you are not required to use root to download and you don’t have for internet connection whenever you play. Furthermore, it comes with additional features that you can play. So, it is a good idea to think about using this game to benefit your health to the max! I wish you a lot of success in developing the fundamental skills of chess and score a lot of points to win!

MOD APK version of Auto Defense

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can purchase everything you want using your money, even if you don’t have enough money.

Download Auto Defense MOD APK for Android

The tower defense game is a classic with a familiar gameplay and structure and new with numerous attack options from enemies, and the best tower merging system. Who can say no to Auto Defense?

It’s hard to find games that feature tower defense with numerous cool features like this. Download the game now and play it right here.

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