AUT Auto USB Tether v0.3 MOD APK (Full Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
AUT - Auto USB Tether is an utility app that automatically activates your USB Tethering functionality whenever you connect your device to a PC/Mac through an Usb cable.
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Gianluca Barbaro
Feb 12, 2024
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AUT Auto USB Tether MOD APK (Full Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of AUT Auto USB Tether MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Full Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The AUT Auto USB Tether contrivance proffers a seamless linkage between your cellular device and computing machinery. This apparatus, as its designation suggests, effectuates an automatic coupling of the duo, facilitating the utilization of your mobile telephone as a conduit for cybernetic connectivity. It further empowers the device to function as a nexus for digital interconnection.

With the implementation of AUT, the dual role of your mobile telephone, serving both as a digital modem and a cybernetic hotspot, is effortlessly actualized. The operation is devoid of complexity; simply inaugurate the application and forge a connection to the cyber realm. The computing system will instinctively recognize the cellular device, rendering it operational for online access.

This instrument is tailored to accommodate individuals reliant on their mobile telephones for internet engagement.

A multitude of individuals, burdened with antiquated computing devices incapable of internet linkage, or those devoid of home-based cyber connections, will find solace in AUT. This tool enables the simultaneous function of their mobile telephone as both modem and hotspot, presenting a solution to myriad connectivity dilemmas.

AUT stands as a beacon for facilitating the union of your mobile telephone with the computing device. Its name is a testament to its capability to autonomously bridge these entities, allowing your cellular device to serve as a portal to the digital universe.

Moreover, it endows your device with the capacity to act as a digital junction for internet access. The simplicity of AUT’s operation demystifies the process of internet connectivity; initiates the software and establishes a link to the cybernetic sphere. The computing entity will automatically identify the mobile telephone, thereby enabling its use as an internet conduit.

Features of AUT Auto USB Tether MOD APK

Automatically activate USB tethering whenever your device is connected to a PC/Mac

The primary objective of AUT Auto USB Tether lies in its capacity to autonomously initiate the USB tethering feature the moment your apparatus is linked to a PC/Mac via a USB cable. This innovation dispenses with the necessity for manual engagement of the USB tethering function, thereby transforming your device into a mobile hotspot with unparalleled ease.

Detect the presence of USB cable and turn on USB tethering

AUT Auto USB Tether emerges as a utility application designed to effortlessly engage the USB Tethering feature on your device upon its connection to a PC/Mac via a USB cable. This app is adept at recognizing the connection of the USB cable, thereby automatically enabling USB tethering. Should you prefer a hands-on approach, the option to manually activate USB tethering is available through a toggle button located within the notification bar, offering flexibility in how you access and utilize this feature.

Disable USB tethering

AUT Auto USB Tether operates without the need for root access, boasting an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Activating USB tethering within the app ensures that your device’s USB tethering functionality is automatically enabled every time you connect your device to a PC/Mac via a USB cable.

To deactivate USB tethering, a straightforward action is required: simply press the “Disable USB tethering” button.

Show the name of the USB cable connected to your device

AUT Auto USB Tether is a utility application that seamlessly initiates your device’s USB Tethering function the moment it is connected to a PC/Mac via a USB cable.

This app also displays the name of the USB cable on your screen, providing a convenient way to identify the cable type should it become disconnected from your device.

Furthermore, AUT-Auto USB Tether offers a feature to monitor the connection status to your device. This enables you to power off your device and reconnect it to the same PC/Mac using the USB cable, ensuring continuous and efficient tethering.

Enable/disable USB tethering

AUT Auto USB Tether is an application designed to automatically enable the USB tethering functionality on your device as soon as it is connected to a computer via a USB cable.

This application simplifies the process by activating the USB tethering feature without manual intervention, immediately upon the device’s connection to a computer through a USB cable. Additionally, AUT Auto USB Tether alerts you with a notification whenever your device is connected or disconnected from a computer, ensuring you’re always informed about your device’s tethering status.

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