aProfiles v3.42 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
Do you want to switch the phone to silent, lower screen brightness, and turn off the Internet connection with one tap?
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Jan 11, 2024
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profiles MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of aProfiles MOD APK. An Android Productivity App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of task management, behold a time-saving sorcerer! This enchanting tool allows users to conjure tasks and weave reminders effortlessly. A double-edged incantation, if you will.

This mystical application extends its magic across a vast spectrum of endeavors. From diminutive chores to intricate labor, its enigmatic interface ensures seamless interaction. A boon for those ensnared in the web of daily tasks.

Behold, is a versatile conjuration designed for the orchestration of myriad tasks. An adept spellbinder, it permits users to shape tasks according to their whims.

With a wave of the digital wand, designate the task, unveil its temporal coordinates, and watch as the application crafts it into existence. A whispered reminder, a sentinel on the brink of task completion, stands ready to beckon the user.

Enter AProfiles, the automaton taskmaster, an arcane entity specializing in the automation of recurrent rituals. Time and coinage find sanctuary within its algorithms, rendering life’s tapestry smoother for its patrons.

The conjuration ensures the automatic execution of necessary rituals. One may even script the unfolding acts of the subsequent week, an arrangement that dances to the rhythm of one’s desires.

This mystical artifact unfolds the parchment of time and coin, allowing the scheduling of Morrow’s endeavors. Bid farewell to tasks that weigh heavy on the spirit; let automation weave its enchantment. Whether on the arcane scroll of a computer, the sigil-etched surface of a mobile phone, or the ancient tablet of yore, the ritual may unfold.

The user’s devices, a trinity of timers, render themselves to the bidding. Progress becomes a tapestry, adorned with tasks both scheduled and completed. Annotations, akin to mystical runes, find their place in the sacred codex of tasks.

Features of profiles MOD APK

Create a task and set a reminder

In the domain of tailoring the scheduled assignments within the application, the capacity for personalization is at your disposal, accompanied by the ability to institute a timely prompt. For instance, you possess the capability to formulate assignments such as Awaken, Commence the occupational sojourn, and Attain the place of residence.

An array of distinctive profiles is presented for your selection. After the creation of a profile, the privilege emerges to establish reminders. Within this purview, you wield the authority to meticulously select the individuals deemed fitting for inclusion in the profile and those that ought to be omitted.

Enhance the complexity of your assignments by appending annotations, specifying the temporal juncture for their execution, and even annexing documents to the tasks. The empowerment bestowed upon you extends to the inception of personalized profiles structured as “This Current Day,” Ongoing Week, or Present Month, with the added capability of disseminating these profiles among your acquaintances.

Automatically save the time you set as a task

Enter the realm of simplicity, reliability, and convenience with this application designed to effortlessly preserve the time allocated for your tasks. It operates seamlessly, allowing you to designate a specific time as a task. Subsequently, you possess the option to determine whether the phone shall transition into silent mode, lower brightness, or power down entirely at the designated time.

Furthermore, the flexibility extends to showcasing the designated task time in the notification area. This feature enables you to effortlessly glance at the time without necessitating the unlocking of your screen. An amalgamation of efficiency and user-friendly design, this application caters to your time-management needs with seamless precision.

Create a shortcut to the task

Unleash the power of efficiency with this complimentary application geared towards task automation. Seamlessly craft shortcuts for your preferred tasks, be it muting the phone or adjusting screen brightness, and effortlessly trigger these shortcuts as the need arises.

The versatility extends to the creation of shortcuts for an array of other tasks, offering you a personalized and streamlined experience. Experience the liberation of simplifying your routine through the ease of task automation, all within the confines of this free and user-friendly app.

Configure the default task

Empower swift modification of your Android device’s default configurations with this application. Effortlessly designate one or multiple default profiles for your phone.

Upon setting a profile as the default, the chosen profile takes precedence when the phone is powered on or the phone app is accessed for the initial time. You have the autonomy to specify the default profile by a simple tap on the profile name within the roster of default profiles. Streamline your device’s behavior to align with your preferences, all within the intuitive interface of this application.

Automatically switch the phone to silent when you wake up

Embrace the prowess of this application, a dynamic tool tailored for the automation of your mobile phone. Its utility spans a spectrum of functions, including the ability to deactivate the internet connection during periods of inactivity, transition into silent mode upon waking or sleeping, and regulate screen brightness by initiating power-saving measures.

For iPhone users, the aProfiles app seamlessly extends control over the phone in alignment with your time zone. Additionally, it facilitates customization of the date and time format to cater to your individual preferences. Amplify your mobile phone experience by harnessing the automation capabilities offered by this versatile application.

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What's new

★ App permissions window lists requested actions/conditions for each permission
★ add "4 hours" and "8 hours" options to "Quick profile switch buttons" home screen widget and "Quick profile switch buttons" tile
★ fixed: the Brightness action does not work on Oppo with Android 11 devices
★ send me an email if you'd like to help with the translation
★ bugs fixed and optimizations

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