AppMgr Pro III v5.70 MOD APK (Patched Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2024
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AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design app that provides the following components:
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Feb 28, 2024
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AppMgr Pro III MOD APK (Patched Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of AppMgr Pro III MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Patched Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of app orchestration, App2SD offers a seamless conduit for adeptly administering applications on your mobile device. The facile acquisition and installation of apps on your device pave the way for unobstructed access to their myriad features. This ingenious application automates the archival process for your chosen apps, affording the ability to preserve them as discernible files.

Notably, AppMgr Pro III extends an effortless capability to oversee and manipulate the applications domiciled on your mobile device. Whether it be the expeditious expulsion or the judicious updating of an application, these operations are executed with consummate ease. Moreover, should the whim to rechristen an application strike, the metamorphosis can be seamlessly effected.

Navigating this digital terrain is a process characterized by its intuitive simplicity. App2SD empowers users to relocate applications to the peripheral SD card, concurrently shrouding system applications from the app drawer’s purview. This application, an embodiment of versatility, facilitates the systematic management of applications, be it in the realm of mass uninstallation, app migration, or the convivial sharing of applications among peers.

Detailed insights into the application landscape are at your disposal, including granular information such as size, permissions, last update date, and more. Delving deeper, the discerning eye can ascertain whether an application lurks in the recesses of the background, poised for execution.

Should the need arise, terminating such processes becomes an expeditious task. If the autonomy of application initiation upon device startup is undesirable, the option to render it inert is readily available.

AppMgr Pro III extends its dominion to the realm of app curation, allowing the expunction of redundant applications with a mere tap. The annals of recent app engagements are laid bare, offering the choice to obliterate an application utilized in yesteryears or to unveil the roster of recently exiled applications.

Feature of AppMgr Pro III MOD APK

batch clear apps cache or data

In the pursuit of purging the cache or data residing within select applications, the instrumental tool at your disposal is none other than the application labeled “AppMgr.” This sophisticated application holds the prowess to relocate applications to either the internal sanctum or the external expanse, thereby augmenting the reservoir of available storage dedicated to applications.

In addition, it possesses the capability to cloak applications from prying eyes within the app drawer, implementing a clandestine approach.

Furthermore, it exercises the ability to instill a state of suspended animation upon apps, rendering them inert in terms of CPU utilization or memory consumption. An added facet of its functionality allows for the meticulous management of applications, facilitating actions such as batch uninstallation, app migration, and the seamless sharing of applications among acquaintances.

Up-to-date UI style, themes

Should you seek a profound departure from the ordinary user interface, the most recent iteration of AppMgr is poised to captivate your aesthetic sensibilities. Imbued with an entirely novel design, this application introduces a revolutionary UI style, offering a paradigm shift in visual appeal and interaction.

AppMgr, in its latest manifestation, stands as a beacon of innovative design, adopting a contemporary UI style rooted in the foundations of Android 7.0 Nougat, while seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge elements from Android P. The amalgamation of these features culminates in an avant-garde application that pushes the boundaries of design conventions.

Venturing into uncharted territory, AppMgr unfolds as a completely reimagined app, unveiling a pristine and uncluttered interface that beckons user comprehension. The novel layout not only enhances the aesthetic charm but also ensures a more streamlined and expeditious user experience, elevating the application’s usability quotient.

Beyond its structural transformation, the application extends an invitation to embellish your visual journey by providing an assortment of themes. These themes, constituting a kaleidoscope of visual delights, are easily accessible through the Settings menu, enabling users to tailor their AppMgr experience with a touch of personal flair and creativity.

Freeze apps to a stop state

Enter the realm of AppMgr, a formidable application wielding the power to suspend apps into a state of inertia, effectively halting their consumption of CPU and memory resources, and all the while preserving precious battery life at a commendable zero-drain state.

This functionality proves invaluable, offering users the ability to immobilize specific apps residing within their device, ensuring they neither spring to life nor face the risk of unwarranted uninstallation.

This integral feature empowers you to freeze apps, coercing them into a state of dormancy where CPU and memory utilization becomes a nullity, culminating in a battery-friendly environment. The rationale behind utilizing this capability is to selectively safeguard apps on your device, allowing them to remain present without actively engaging or subjecting your device to unnecessary resource depletion.

In essence, the prowess of freezing apps stands as a judicious choice, affording users the autonomy to curate their device’s app repertoire, ensuring a delicate balance between retention and non-intrusiveness.

Export/import the app list

Bid farewell to the cumbersome chore of manually overseeing the apps on your device, for AppMgr emerges as the solution to your management woes.

This dynamic application extends its assistance by facilitating the seamless relocation of apps to either the internal sanctum or the external expenses, thereby optimizing the available app storage for enhanced functionality. Moreover, it boasts a sophisticated app export/import feature, a testament to its versatility.

AppMgr, with its intuitive design, automates the process of exporting apps to internal storage (applicable exclusively to Android 5.0 and above users) and importing apps from external storage (exclusive to Android 4.4 and above users). This automated functionality ensures a hassle-free experience, streamlining the app migration process effortlessly.

But AppMgr doesn’t stop there; it empowers users with the capability to freeze apps, inducing a state of hibernation that safeguards CPU and memory resources, leading to an admirable zero-battery consumption. This feature proves indispensable for those seeking to retain specific apps on their device without incurring the performance costs associated with active engagement.

For those desiring a fluid transition of apps between internal and external storage, AppMgr introduces a user-friendly drag-and-drop mechanism. Effortlessly achieved by holding the app icon, this feature presents a convenient method for relocating apps, further enhancing the user’s control over their digital domain.

Support home screen widgets

Behold the pinnacle of innovation the most recent iteration of AppMgr, adorned with a novel design and an exciting addition: widgets.

This avant-garde version empowers users with the ability to seamlessly relocate apps to the home screen through an intuitive drag-and-drop mechanism, affording them unparalleled control over their digital landscape. Furthermore, users can augment their home screen with widgets, and effortlessly remove apps as they see fit.

Within the realm of AppMgr, the introduction of widgets unfolds as a groundbreaking feature, allowing users to enrich their home screen experience. The built-in Home Screen widget, compatible with Android 4.0 and above, becomes a stalwart ally in app management, providing a visual and functional feast for users to savor.

Not only does it offer intuitive app management, but it also provides a canvas for customization, enabling users to tailor the widget’s appearance with personalized images, fonts, and text.

But AppMgr’s commitment to user autonomy doesn’t end there. Users can transcend the mundane by setting the home screen lock screen wallpaper, metamorphosing the home screen app icon, and embellishing it further with the addition of widgets. This amalgamation of features propels AppMgr beyond the realm of a mere application manager, transforming it into a dynamic tool for personalization and optimization.

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What's new

★ Storage size history window: shows the apps list
★ fixed: should not show an error message if an app has been moved successfully
★ update text for the French language
★ send me an email if you'd like to help with the translation
★ bugs fixed and optimization

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