AppChecker v3.5.2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 18, 2024
This app displays the TargetAPI of all your installed apps. This lets you check, which of your apps already support the latest features of your Android System.
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Feb 18, 2024
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AppChecker MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of AppChecker MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

AppChecker stands as a quintessential tool designed to unveil the repertoire of applications installed on your mobile device. It meticulously catalogs each app, providing insights into its names, developers, sizes, and additional specifics.

Moreover, it grants visibility into applications operating clandestinely in the background, offering a comprehensive inventory of all software lodged within your device.

AppChecker transcends mere inventory functionality, positioning itself as a guide to discerning the optimal applications for your smartphone. It evaluates applications based on system prerequisites, and compatibility with concurrent applications, among other criteria, to ascertain their suitability.

Should an application prove incompatible with your device, AppChecker promptly notifies you, thereby safeguarding your device’s integrity and performance.

This application is ingeniously crafted to facilitate users in scrutinizing apps and system data, including versions, package names, sizes, and update statuses. Furthermore, it aids in monitoring the health and efficiency of your device.

Invaluable for users keen on verifying an application’s functionality, AppChecker simplifies the process of identifying and understanding the software ecosystem on your device.

It also serves as a diagnostic tool, identifying applications that excessively consume memory or have been uninstalled, and elucidating the reasons behind such actions. Should issues arise, it enables direct communication with developers, thus contributing to the resolution of potential problems.

AppChecker embodies a tool of simplicity and convenience, enhancing user security and empowering informed management of mobile applications.

Features of AppChecker MOD APK 

Intuitive interface to check and see what features are supported by your apps

AppChecker serves as a comprehensive tool that delineates a list of all your applications, highlighting the TargetAPI for each installed app. This feature is instrumental in determining which of your applications are optimized to leverage the most current capabilities of your Android operating system.

With its latest iteration, AppChecker has expanded its utility by incorporating features that allow for the examination of specific system information. This includes insights into the screen dimensions and resolution, details about your device’s central processing unit (CPU), and memory specifications. Additionally, it facilitates an evaluation of your device’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) status, such as the Widevine security level, offering a deeper understanding of your device’s content protection capabilities.

A notable enhancement includes the ability to display the AndroidManifest.xml for any app, providing a transparent view of the app’s core structure and permissions.

For devices operating on Android 6 Marshmallow or subsequent versions, AppChecker proves invaluable in navigating the new granular permission settings. It aids in identifying which applications have adopted these more refined permission controls, ensuring users can manage app permissions with greater precision and awareness.

Show the AndroidManifest.xml of any app

AppChecker stands as the premier solution for discerning which of your applications has embraced the novel granular permission settings. This is particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to refine their privacy configurations, as it enables a meticulous examination of each application on an individual basis.

Furthermore, AppChecker enriches your understanding of your applications by detailing the specific permissions each app requests. This transparency is crucial for users who prioritize privacy and wish to have a clear overview of what access their applications have.

For users operating devices on Android 6 Marshmallow or subsequent versions, AppChecker offers an invaluable service by indicating which applications are compliant with the updated granular permission framework. This functionality ensures users can fully leverage the enhanced privacy controls introduced in newer Android versions, fostering a more secure and tailored user experience.

Display the current target API of your apps

Show the TargetAPI of all your installed apps

If you’re keen on discovering which of your installed applications are equipped with the latest capabilities of your Android System, AppChecker is the tool tailor-made for your needs.

By simply launching AppChecker, you gain the ability to effortlessly identify which apps are compatible with the most recent advancements of your Android System. It also allows you to discern which applications are aligned with the newest version of the Android operating system.

AppChecker distinctively showcases the TargetAPI for each of your installed applications. This functionality empowers you to verify which apps are already leveraging the cutting-edge features introduced in the latest iterations of your Android System.

Check the current Screen Size and Resolution

If you’re uncertain about the screen size and resolution of your Android device, this app provides a straightforward solution to obtain this information.

Simply launch the app and select the “Screen Size” and “Screen Resolution” options to access the required data. Additionally, the app enables you to inspect your display’s DPI (dots per inch) and the extent of touch support offered by your display.

Get the information about your CPU and your memory

If you’re curious about the specifics of your device, such as its operating capacity, RAM, and storage space, the AppChecker app is designed precisely for your inquiries.

It unveils critical information regarding your phone, including its CPU speed, RAM, storage capacity, and the version of Android your device operates on. This information is invaluable for assessing whether your device possesses the necessary hardware to accommodate the apps you’re considering for download, assisting you in making informed decisions about installing new software.

Additionally, AppChecker can be instrumental if you’re looking to determine whether your phone is equipped with a built-in GPS feature.

Moreover, for those keen on understanding which of their apps are compatible with the latest Android System enhancements or who wish to identify apps that comply with the new granular permission settings introduced in Android 6 Marshmallow or later versions, AppChecker offers the necessary tools to conduct these checks efficiently.

Check the permissions of any app

As implied by its title, AppChecker enables you to scrutinize the permissions allotted to any application. This feature is particularly beneficial for those aiming to understand which applications have been granted access to personal data such as contacts, location, camera, microphone, files, and more.

In addition to permission oversight, AppChecker offers insights into your device’s hardware specifications, including CPU, RAM, storage, and more. This functionality proves invaluable for individuals interested in comparing the performance capabilities across different devices they own or intend to purchase.

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