APK Editor Pro v6. MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 23, 2024
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Feb 23, 2024
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APK Editor Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of APK Editor Pro MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of Android application refinement, an omnipotent instrument emerges to facilely manipulate the APK file. This tool transcends conventional capabilities, enabling adept modifications to package nomenclature, iconography, application nomenclature, permissions, activities, and beyond.

Its utility extends beyond mere convenience, delving into the intricacies of application enhancement. A quandary frequently encountered by developers finds its solution within the APK Editor Pro an indispensable ally for those seeking app amelioration.

This application metamorphoses the very fabric of your app’s identity, allowing facile adjustments to the package nomenclature, iconography, application nomenclature, permissions, activities, and more. Streamlining the modification process furnishes an interface of unprecedented simplicity. This tool, with its prowess, reshapes the contours of an application’s essence, offering unparalleled ease of use and significance.

Behold an avant-garde file editor tailored for the Android milieu. This professional implementation harmoniously manages applications and games, mirroring the file orchestration on a conventional PC. The repertoire of functions spans from preservation and deletion to the rechristening, translocation, and compression of files and directories. Its versatility extends to splitting APK files, crafting ZIP archives, perusing files, and extracting content from APK files.

The system directory falls within its purview, and it proffers the creation of bespoke directories for judicious file storage. By endowing users with the capability to forge folders, the intricate choreography of file organization becomes an effortless ballet. APK Editor Pro bequeaths the privileges of a sophisticated tool, tendered with effortless proficiency.

Features of APK Editor Pro MOD APK

Add or remove permissions to your Android app

In the realm of manipulating authorizations for your Android application, the facility lies in the hands of the application itself, furnishing you with an interface of innate sophistication for facile navigation through indispensable functionalities.

Tinkering with permissions is at your fingertips, granting the capability to append newfound authorizations or expunge pre-existing ones. Furthermore, the malleability extends to altering the nomenclature of the package, the visage encapsulated by the icon, the titular identity of the application, and an array of additional attributes.

Change app title and package name

For those inclined towards tweaking their application’s APK files, this tool emerges as the quintessential instrument. It stands as a user-friendly marvel, simplifying the intricacies of app title and package name alterations. Should your alterations be minute in scale, there’s no imperative need to overhaul the entire application; deftly adjust the title and package name with utmost ease.

Change the icon of your app

This ingenious tool facilitates the seamless alteration of your application’s icon, providing support for an array of formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and BMP. Furthermore, it caters to diverse dimensions, encompassing small, normal, large, xlarge, and large sizes.

Once poised for action, a mere tap on the chosen icon initiates the metamorphosis. Post-transformation, you have the liberty to preserve the novel icon on your device or disseminate it to other applications at your discretion.

Modify permission of your app

This application bestows upon you the effortless capability to adjust your app’s permissions, thereby fortifying its security and ensuring a heightened level of safety. Consider, for instance, the prospect of sharing your application with others; a simple modification of permissions empowers diverse users to gain access.

Moreover, the granular control extends to tailoring permissions, restricting app access solely to your circle of friends, thus fortifying the app’s integrity. This meticulous adjustment of permissions serves as an armor, enhancing the overall security and safety of your application.

Remove unwanted activities

Empowered by APK Editor Pro, the eradication of superfluous activities from your application becomes an uncomplicated endeavor. Upon the installation of an application, it invariably comes laden with a multitude of activities. Yet, not all are indispensable.

The tool at hand simplifies the process of excising unwanted activities, rendering it a user-friendly and straightforward task. The ease of use is remarkable, allowing you to effortlessly eliminate any activities that do not align with your requisites.

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