Any Screen Timeout Plus v1.3.5 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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Any Screen Timeout Plus lets you adjust any time for the screen timeout after which the display will go to sleep. Are the on-board settings too limiting for you? Then this app is for you!
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Feb 22, 2024
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Any Screen Timeout Plus MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Any Screen Timeout Plus MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Any Screen Timeout Plus emerges as a conduit, endowing you with the prowess to instate a temporal demarcation upon your digital intercourse. Engineered to attenuate your gadget’s consumption to a circumscribed span, this apparatus acts as a bulwark against the tide of digital excess. With the dawn of this pre-elected terminus, it enacts an automatic intermission of your display’s vivacity, compelling a rejuvenation to proceed with its functionalities. Dictate the extent of your digital communion and luxuriate within the confines of this demarcation.

In addition, this instrument bestows upon you the authority to signal the impending cessation of your interactive sojourn. The gamut of alert modalities stretches from tactile reverberations to sonic beacons, augmenting your perceptual vigilance. Any Screen Timeout Plus further accords the prerogative to preordain your apparatus to assume a quiescent posture after a delineated juncture, emancipating you from the clutches of incessant luminescence.

The software likewise sanctions the adjustment of notifications to herald the culmination of your digital engagement. Select from a medley of admonitions, encompassing vibratory and acoustic signals, to remain apprised. Moreover, it provisions an automated deactivation functionality for your tableau post a specified duration, securing a haven of serenity from the unrelenting glow of the screen.

Features of Any Screen Timeout Plus MOD APK

Set a custom timeout for the screen-off-timeout

Should the inherent screen timeout configurations of your gadget prove to be cumbersome, Any Screen Timeout Plus presents an uncomplicated remedy for personalizing the timeout interval to suit your predilections. This application obviates the necessity for continual manual recalibrations by facilitating the creation of a bespoke timeout that harmonizes with your comfort.

Adjust the time of day for the timeout

Any Screen Timeout Plus arises as a novel solution, crafted to bestow upon users the capacity to set a definitive boundary for smartphone utilization. Allowing the stipulation of a precise time cap, serves as a preemptive strategy to mitigate unwarranted screen engagement. This tool is instrumental in nurturing a harmonious digital existence, safeguarding against exceeding the pre-established duration of use. Upon attaining this boundary, the application promptly suspends the screen’s operation, necessitating a device reboot to recommence interaction. This process mandates a renewal within the confines of your selected time allotment. Employ Any Screen Timeout Plus to customize your digital engagement, thereby enriching your mobile experience through deliberate and considered usage.

Change the timeout for the lock-screen

For individuals fatigued by the unyielding allure of their smartphones and aspiring to limit the time spent in digital communion, Any Screen Timeout Plus provides a tactical remedy. This application empowers users to delineate a particular span for phone utilization, thereby demarcating their digital intake. By entering a preferred time ceiling, users embark on an intentional interaction with their devices, cognizant that surpassing this limit will require a device reboot. This methodology not only assists in regulating screen time but also promotes a more purposeful and contemplative approach to technology use.

Adjust the timeout for the power-saving mode

Within Any Screen Timeout Plus, users are afforded the versatility to customize the length of their device’s energy-conserving sleep mode. This personalization option permits you to specify the precise duration your phone stays in a quiescent state. For example, opting for a 5-minute interval is as effortless as activating the designated icon, thus enabling the seamless establishment of your desired timeout.

Moreover, the application enhances user experience by offering notifications at the approach of the established time limit. By activating the notification feature, you will be immediately alerted when your device approaches the predetermined threshold, thereby augmenting your mastery over phone usage and energy efficiency.

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