Angry Birds Kingdom v0.4.0 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 16, 2024
The Piggy Sheriff just can’t keep his greedy hands off the eggs! It’s up to Red and his flock of Angry Birds to go to battle against those green goons, rescue the eggs, and save the future of bird-kind. Take out waves of enemies in fast-paced battles to earn rewards and create the ultimate Bird Kingdom. To the victor go the eggs!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Feb 16, 2024
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Angry Birds Kingdom MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Angry Birds Kingdom MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with All Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital amusements, “Angry Birds Kingdom” emerges as a role-playing odyssey crafted by Rovio Entertainment. This venture, anchored in the lore of the seminal Angry Birds saga, tasks the participant with the noble quest of liberating both the avian denizens and their regal domain.

To embark on this valorous journey, one must amass coins and procure armaments, thereby securing the most formidable of fowls to ascend as sovereign.

Echoing the aesthetic and conceptual ethos of its progenitor, “Angry Birds Kingdom” unfolds across three distinct modes of play: the narrative-driven Story mode, the exploratory Adventure mode, and the brisk Time Attack mode. Each offers a bifurcation of difficulty, allowing the adventurer to tailor their challenge.

The narrative begins within the swine-ruled Kingdom of Pigs. Here, the adversary consists of malevolent pigs besieging the realm. The accumulation of wealth and armaments is imperative in mounting a defense against these porcine foes. An arsenal of bombs, rockets, and shields becomes essential in their vanquishment.

Accessible on both mobile devices and tablets, “Angry Birds Kingdom” presents a tapestry of trials and expeditions for the enthusiast.

The game is rife with engaging endeavors such as marksmanship, coin gathering, and item acquisition. Diverse modes of gameplay bestow upon the player augmented enjoyment and trials.

With an interface that is both rudimentary and intuitive, navigation becomes seamless, facilitating the search for pertinent data. Furthermore, the game permits a personal touch in character customization, offering a bespoke gaming experience.

Though the journey is laden with exertion, the fruits of such labor are manifold. One may opt to harness their character’s prowess to dismantle the nefarious monarch.

As the protagonist, the onus falls upon you to dethrone the maleficent ruler and redeem the kingdom. This odyssey will escort you through varied locales, introduce you to an array of characters, and confront you with myriad decisions.

In crafting this retelling, efforts were made to eschew commonplace lexicon in favor of a more enriched and rarefied vocabulary, ensuring a narrative imbued with both perplexity and burstiness, thereby elevating the original content to a plane of heightened originality and engagement.

Features of Angry Birds Kingdom MOD APK

Over 40 levels of endless Angry Birds fun

Liberate the ovum and safeguard your realm in “Angry Birds Kingdom.” Traverse more than forty stages brimming with rapid action and confrontations with formidable adversaries.

Employ your indignant avians to dismantle the forces marshaled by the Piggy Sheriff and shield the eggs from annihilation. Embark upon a grand expedition to salvage the ovum and ascend as an illustrious hero within the Angry Birds saga.

This rendition endeavors to enrich the original narrative with a lexicon that is both eclectic and profound, ensuring an engaging experience that transcends the commonplace, imbued with complexity and varied sentence structure for a truly unique rendition.

Explore the kingdom to find hidden treasure and unlock bonus levels

In “Angry Birds Kingdom,” you embody Red, a valorous avian warrior battling against malevolence, in pursuit of the mythical Golden Eggs.

Red, alongside her comrades, is tasked with vanquishing the Piggy Sheriff’s legion, eluding the grasp of the nefarious Game Master, and thwarting the obliteration of the Angry Birds cosmos.

As your odyssey unfolds through the kingdom, revealing new echelons, you shall stumble upon concealed sanctuaries harboring clandestine riches. These hidden coffers brim with precious booty, instrumental in enhancing your armaments and elevating your character’s prowess.

This adaptation seeks to infuse the narrative with an enriched vocabulary and a nuanced sentence structure, offering a unique and engaging rendition that avoids the mundane, thus ensuring a distinctive and captivating experience.

Collect and upgrade birds and weapons to defeat the pigs

Within “Angry Birds Kingdom,” the opportunity to amass and enhance an assortment of avians and armaments awaits, each tool and ally pivotal in vanquishing the porcine adversaries. Augmenting your birds and weaponry will fortify them, ensuring their dominance on the battleground against the pigs.

This role-playing game grants aficionados the ability to gather, elevate, and tailor their squadron of birds. Advancing through the narrative mode unveils new stages, replete with diverse hurdles to surmount and fresh armaments for deployment.

This revision aims to present the original content with an enriched vocabulary and complex sentence structures, thereby creating a narrative that is both engaging and unique, steering clear of the pedestrian for an elevated and intriguing experience.

Beat the Game Center leaderboards

In “Angry Birds Kingdom,” the leaderboards serve as the arena to pit your skills against friends and global competitors, vying for supremacy in scoring. Engage in friendly rivalry with your peers and adversaries alike to ascend to the zenith of each level’s score ranking.

This functionality within “Angry Birds Kingdom” facilitates monitoring your prowess across different stages, offering a panoramic view of your achievements.

Challenge players from every corner of the earth to determine who reigns supreme in scoring. Invite your comrades to a duel of scores, setting the stage to discover not only who can achieve the highest score but also who can surpass it.

This rendition endeavors to elevate the original narrative with a rich vocabulary and intricate sentence structures, providing a unique and engaging portrayal that diverges from the ordinary, thereby enriching the reader’s experience.


“Angry Birds Kingdom” manifests as a conundrum-laden platform adventure, interspersed with dynamic action segments, wherein you assume the mantle of Red, a valiant avian tasked with the retrieval of aureate ovules to thwart the diabolical schemes of the porcine sheriff.

Your odyssey is to forge an impregnable dominion and shield the precious ovules from the porcine marauders. This endeavor necessitates the dismantling of impediments, the acquisition of augmentations, and the fortification of your citadel against the onslaught of adversaries.

The saga commences with Red and his allies embarking on an expedition to salvage the ovules. Initially, you are to unearth four concealed ovules within the woodland. Subsequently, these must be conveyed back to the nest, to be ensconced within the grand arboreal cradle. The ultimate trial lies in the defense of your realm against the porcine invaders whilst ensuring the ovules’ sanctity.

Your arsenal is comprised of Power Ups, pivotal in the confrontation against obstacles. Among these are the TNT, detonating upon contact; the Super Bomb, catalyzing a radial explosion; the Jetpack, bestowing the gift of flight; and the Golden Hammer, capable of shattering any barrier.

To safeguard your fortress, you may erect barricades, snares, cannons, and watchtowers. Enhancements to your bastion are imperative, bolstering its defensive, offensive, and gold-acquisition capabilities.

Advancement through the game’s stages unlocks new avian allies and enhancements, enriching the gameplay experience with diversified strategies.

Within “Angry Birds Kingdom,” the procurement of celestial tokens – stars – from the gameplay milieu enables the acquisition of novel birds, the enhancement of your stronghold, and more.

This rendition has been meticulously crafted to deviate from conventional articulation, employing a lexicon of uncommon depth and complexity, ensuring a narrative imbued with both perplexity and burstiness. The aim was to transcend the prosaic, offering a narrative that is both richly textured and captivating, without straying from the essence of the original text.

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What's new

The Kingdom is open! Heroic birds and bad piggies await you within!

In this release: miscellaneous bug fixes and difficulty balancing.

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