Anger of stick 5 v1.1.83 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Stickman Action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : Zombie
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Anger of stick 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, Anger of Stick 5 emerges as an action-packed marvel, drawing inspiration from the renowned Angry Birds franchise. Crafted by the minds behind the Angry Birds series, Rovio, this marks the fifth installment in the dynamic gaming saga.

At its core, the game unfolds through the manipulation of a diminutive and vibrant stick, wielded as a projectile against formidable adversaries. The player assumes command of the stick’s trajectory, strategically launching it at foes, with the ultimate goal of obliterating zombies, pigs, and sheep.

The accumulation of coins becomes pivotal, acting as currency to procure an arsenal of novel weaponry. These armaments unlock a diverse array of offensive maneuvers, augmenting the player’s strategic repertoire. Additionally, players can acquire specialized power-ups, elevating the potency of their chosen weapons.

Anger of Stick 5, a creation of the esteemed publisher LPC in 2010, embodies the essence of a straightforward arcade experience. However, beneath its apparent simplicity lies a nuanced gaming landscape.

The fundamental gameplay mirrors the principles of Angry Birds, where the player propels a stick to dispatch zombies and advance through levels. Three distinctive modes govern the gaming experience: normal mode, survival mode, and zombie mode.

The normal mode, characterized by relative ease, demands precision in hitting zombies within a limited count to progress. Achieving a specified point threshold propels the player to subsequent levels, while failure results in a setback, causing the player to be grounded, deducting a precious life.

Survival mode introduces a subtle twist, offering a life bonus upon successful completion of a level, yet penalizing failure with a life deduction. The stakes are heightened, weaving an intricate tapestry of risk and reward.

In Anger of Stick 5, the zombie mode mirrors the normal mode’s dynamics, granting a life bonus for triumphs but exacting a higher toll for defeats – a dual-life penalty. The game’s design thus intricately weaves challenges that demand strategic finesse and tactical prowess from players navigating through its compelling digital universe.

Features of Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK

Different modes of play

“Wrath of Stick 5” presents itself as an action-packed endeavor belonging to the Stickman genre. Engaging in combat with zombies becomes the primary objective, demanding players to navigate through various survival challenges. The game unfolds its narrative across diverse modes, providing players with a range of experiences.

The Narrative segment immerses players in an epic storyline, pitting them against hordes of zombies in a compelling tale. Survival mode, on the other hand, introduces an element of strategic evasion and weapon acquisition, requiring players to navigate perilous situations to ensure their longevity. Deathmatch mode introduces a competitive twist, allowing players to engage in survival battles against their peers.

Within each distinct mode, players enjoy the liberty to personalize their protagonist extensively. From altering attire to selecting weaponry and accessories, the customization options afford a nuanced touch to the gaming experience. The player’s agency extends beyond mere gameplay, delving into the aesthetic and strategic realms, enriching the overall engagement.

“Wrath of Stick 5” transcends the conventional gaming landscape by intertwining a Stickman aesthetic with nuanced gameplay modes, offering a multifaceted and immersive experience for enthusiasts of the action genre.

Over 20 missions

“Indignation of Stick 5” unfolds its gaming tapestry with an expansive landscape featuring over 20 missions and an expansive map ripe for exploration. The game presents a myriad of challenging missions, offering a nuanced and escalating level of difficulty as players progress through its stages.

The missions within “Indignation of Stick 5: Zombie” are meticulously crafted, encompassing diverse challenges, including formidable boss battles. These missions are categorized into three distinct tiers, each presenting its own set of challenges: easy, normal, and hard.

The easy mission category entails straightforward objectives where precision in aiming at the enemy and a simple press of the button dispatch the stick into action.

Transitioning to the normal mission category elevates the complexity, necessitating players to not only aim accurately at the adversary but also gauge and select the appropriate power level before deploying the stick with a well-timed button press.

In the hard mission category, the challenges reach their zenith, demanding players to exhibit precision in aiming, judiciously select the optimal power level, and execute the stick throw with impeccable timing to achieve success.

“Indignation of Stick 5” seamlessly weaves a dynamic progression of missions, offering players a spectrum of challenges that transcend simplicity. The evolving difficulty curve ensures an engaging experience, pushing players to refine their skills and strategies as they navigate through the game’s diverse mission categories.

 3 different weapons

“Indignation of Stick 5” introduces a diverse arsenal of weaponry, encompassing three distinct options for players to wield against adversaries. Among the available armaments are a razor-sharp sword, a precise bow accompanied by arrows, and a sophisticated crossbow, each contributing to a unique combat experience.

Players can augment their arsenal by delving into the acquisition of additional weapons, a feat achievable through the collection of in-game coins. The game’s economy encourages resourcefulness, empowering players to unlock and access an expanding array of tools, each tailor-made for specific combat scenarios.

Within this dynamic selection, players are presented with a trio of weapons to employ in the battle against enemies. The choices span from the swift and lethal sword, providing up-close and personal combat prowess, to the versatile and ranged effectiveness of a bow and arrows. The arsenal is further diversified with the inclusion of a crossbow, adding a strategic dimension to confrontations.

This nuanced weaponry system not only enhances the player’s tactical repertoire but also fosters a sense of progression and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of “Indignation of Stick 5.” As players navigate through the game, the strategic deployment of these weapons becomes instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving triumph against a variety of adversaries.

An adventure game with multiple levels

“Indignation of Stick 5” unfolds its narrative across an expansive terrain comprising more than 20 levels. The storyline immerses players in the harrowing tale of a man ensnared in the eerie embrace of an unfamiliar forest, grappling with the twin terrors of isolation and the unknown. The looming specters of monsters and the shroud of darkness cast a palpable sense of fear upon our protagonist.

Faced with these daunting challenges, the protagonist resolves to retrace his steps to the safety of his village, seeking assistance to confront the perils that beset him. The journey, however, takes an unexpected turn as he encounters a cadre of amiable characters along the way, forging a camaraderie that transforms their quest into a shared adventure.

Together, this eclectic group embarks on a perilous odyssey, navigating through the intricate maze of the mysterious forest. Their collective objective is to reach the journey’s terminus unscathed, ensuring a safe return to the sanctuary of their village. The narrative unfolds not merely as an individual’s quest for survival but as a collaborative saga, where the bonds formed among the characters become instrumental in overcoming the challenges strewn across the forest’s expanse.

“Indignation of Stick 5” intricately weaves a tale of resilience, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit, as the characters navigate the treacherous landscape, their ultimate destination shrouded in the mystique of the dark and foreboding forest.


“Indignation of Stick 5” stands as a distinctive gaming marvel, placing you in command of a lone individual navigating a city overrun by zombies. The game’s foundation rests upon the Stickman physics engine, offering an immersive experience designed for seamless play with just a single touch.

Within the undead-laden cityscape, a diverse array of zombies populates the terrain, each possessing unique attributes such as those wielding rifles or swords. The gameplay unfolds with a blend of dynamic actions – running, jumping, and engaging in combat with the various zombie adversaries that cross your path.

Diversity extends to the choice of the protagonist, with a rich selection of 10 characters, each endowed with their own set of special abilities. The character selection process adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, influencing the approach and tactics employed in the city filled with relentless undead.

As you traverse the cityscape, the opportunity to gather an assortment of weapons and items presents itself. Melee weapons, guns, and grenades are among the varied armaments at your disposal. The urban landscape conceals numerous valuable resources, including ammunition, health boosts, and an array of other useful items that can tip the scales in your favor.

Further exploration unveils special items, including unique weapons and armor that elevate your survivability. The acquisition of coins becomes pivotal, serving as the currency to unlock and obtain weapons and other essential items for your journey.

Uncovering hidden treasures within the city becomes an intriguing aspect of gameplay. Keys, items, and weapons lurk in the shadows, waiting to be discovered. Among these hidden gems, the enigmatic “Anger of Stick 5” holds a special allure, enticing players to delve deeper into the city’s mysteries.

“Indignation of Stick 5” seamlessly integrates diverse gameplay elements, ensuring an engaging and multifaceted experience as you navigate the perilous urban landscape teeming with zombies and hidden wonders.

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