American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK 1.38.0 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on May 15, 2023
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Mar 21, 2023
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American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK 1.27.0. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Are you familiar with the cartoon American Dad? Have you seen it yet? Fox has released this great American cartoon. This animated film is a huge hit and has been loved by many. The game is about the hit anime series. TheAmerican Dad! Apocalypse SoonThe name of the game is the same as that of the movie American Dad! This game was produced by BV. They are a well-known manufacturer that has many popular games and applications. This game is part of the RPG strategy category, which will help you to think about which move is best. How do you win? This has stimulated gamers in gaming. The game is currently being developed and ready to be released to large numbers of gamers around the globe. Many viewers have shown great affection for the animated film. The game promises to provide a unique experience and storylines. What are you waiting for? Download American Dad now! Join the fun now!

Story of  American Dad Apocalypse Soon 

It is like every other day at Langley Falls on a clear day. Everyone is having fun. The sky suddenly became a blur, and the UFOs began to fly down. People still weren’t sure what was happening. These UFOs started to devastate human facilities and then began to shine a light onto their faces to kidnap others. Stan Smith’s entire family was taken hostage by aliens. To help the Aliens defeat Stan Smith (the father of Stan Smith’s family), you will need to create a base in your basement. You will create an army of Roger, and equip them with the necessary equipment to fight. Your basement will be transformed into a mini military base with many different positions such as a research room or weapons room. You will be the only hope for humanity.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK

FEATURES American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK 

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon was released in 2019. It has been downloaded over 5 million times and received a 4.2 rating by live players. Players must be at least 7 years old in order to play, though some resources state that players should be 12 years.


American Dad! Apocalypse Soon opens with an alien telling a story to the Smith family. You can take control of this character to use him throughout the game. Learn more about Stan family members being captured, how they can be saved and how to create the equipment and buildings needed. Roger has a great talent for creating technology. He is the one who invented the cloning machine that allows you to create an entire army to fight off alien invaders. You can also perform small household chores that Stan didn’t have the time for.


American Dad! Apocalypse Soon does not require a unique device from an alien Roger. It is your responsibility to provide everything Smith needs and equip an underground base. You must create training, production and support facilities that can be used to defeat evil invaders from other planets.

GAMEPLAY of American Dad Apocalypse Soon APK  

This game is an RPG Strategy game. The gameplay is complex and there are many things to do. The dedicated guidance of the creative team will make everything much easier. The basement must be made into a place where your Roger army can live and grow strong. The player will initially only be able to unlock a few basements in order to keep track of events and provide refuge for when there is an emergency. As more players unlock more rooms, they will be able to create fake money and develop advanced technology. He will also lead an army of Roger in the fight against the Aliens. The game will require players to equip them using modern weapons, such as Plasma guns. Players will also be given the creative team tasks. The game’s fighting style is based on alternating fighting styles. The players must organize their roster in a way that makes it possible to win.

SMITHS are the only ones who can engage in battle

American Dad’s main character! There are many battles ahead of Apocalypse Soon. At first, you will only be able to fight with aliens. The player is given tasks that require you to fight. You can earn in-game currency and other items by defeating bosses or aliens. After destroying ten enemies at different locations, another battle option is available. The player who wins such battles can receive a reward in the form of alien junk. This will be very useful. You can also compete with real players in power of your own Smith tournaments, or fight in a single battle.

Weapons & costumes

Roger’s intelligence will allow you to create a variety of weapons. There are many melee weapons in the game, including the Christmas tree, pandas, and medieval melee weapons such as swords, axes, and other weapons. They are all very unique, interesting, and innovative. Long-range weapons are also diverse. They include ancient weapons like bows and arrows, as well as modern guns. You can even find futuristic weapons like Plasma guns and Laser guns in the game. Roger’s costumes vary greatly, from his attire to the way he uses watering weapons. Some were dressed as Gangsters while others resembled Middle Ages warriors.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND of American Dad Apocalypse Soon APK Latest Version

American Dad Graphic Design! Bright colors are used in Apocalypse Soon. The overall graphics style is similar to the original series and resembles the characters from the famous cartoon saga. It is clear that all elements of the game were drawn by the developers. This approach results in a unique game aesthetic – everything is bright and colorful. To create the cartoon-like atmosphere on android devices’ screens, music and sounds are also used.

PvE and PvP

PvE is a game mode where players must follow the storyline in order to complete the tasks assigned by the creative team. Players will have the opportunity to explore the story with Mr. Stan Smith, who will be taking the action. rescue his family. The player can lead his army in PvP mode to defeat other players. To prove your worth, join Roger’s army.

Unique features

Combat elements are included in shelter building gameplay. You can customize your roger clones and have fun with your characters’ monologues. There are many accessories, weapons, and armor that you can collect. You also have more content to unlock. Original characters and content created by the creators of the american dad TV series universe. Amazing graphics and an entertaining gameplay make this RPG game a must-have.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money


American Dad! Apocalypse Soon can keep a player’s attention for many months or even days. You can dive into an exciting world of adventures that will bring you joy from spending time well-spent and also allow you to explore the world of animated series. You will play the role of Stan and must rescue his family from alien captivity. Your character will build a shelter, clone aliens, and create an army to liberate his city. You can expect great play and great humor! You can also find other games that are based on TV shows on our website. You can find examples at South Park: Phone Destroyer and The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

What’s the latest?

Francine gambled away Stan’s American flags at Tearjerker’s Casino. We must win them back!

Current intelligence:
Tearjerker’s casino slots are in some way involved in his evil scheme.
Tearjerker’s American-themed gear looks very suspicious. It could be an asset.
Play at the Stars and Stripes Casino to help Stan retrieve his flags!

Roger’s Talents Store
Roger’s Talents will now be sold in the Roger’s Talents Store. They will also be available at Situation Room Level 7 and higher.


Our website was designed to make it easy for everyone to download. If you are downloading a modded or hack app from third-party sources, this guide will help you.

  1. To begin the download process, press the download APK button.
  2. Once the file is finished, open your file manager to select the appropriate application file American-dad.apk.
  3. Your device might ask for permissions when installing APK files for the first time. To allow the installation process to begin, open your device settings and toggle on the “Allow From This Source” tab.
  4. It is now available to play after the game installation has been completed!

Remove the original American Dad version! Install our modified version of American Dad as soon as possible to avoid any errors during the installation process.

Final Words About American Dad Apocalypse Soon MOD APK 

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, a novel and appealing game that allows gamers to have fun in RPG battles, is now available. The game is available for download at the following link. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the game. For more fun and interesting apps, make sure to keep checking our website! Have fun and thanks!

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