Alpha Backup Pro v34.0.9 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024
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Feb 21, 2024
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Alpha Backup Pro MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Alpha Backup Pro MOD APK. An Android Tools Apps this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Features Download Yours Now.

In the realm of Android safeguarding applications, behold the Android archival marvel! Its fundamental essence lies in orchestrating a celestial dance with the cloud, akin to a virtuoso maestro conducting a symphony.

This avant-garde application, baptized as Alpha Backup Pro, orchestrates a transcendent choreography of safeguarding data, allowing it to find sanctuary in the ethereal realms of Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or the sacred sanctuary of local storage.

For the discerning denizens of Android, yearning to ensconce their invaluable digital treasures in a citadel of security, this application stands as an impervious bastion.

It unfolds its wings to embrace the pivotal facets of existence, encompassing contacts, missives, vividly captured moments in pixels, cinematic escapades encapsulated in videos, and the annals of knowledge confined within documents. A symphony of safeguarding commences, an elixir for those cherishing the sanctity of their digital tapestry.

The Alpha Backup Pro emerges as an omnipotent arsenal, bestowing upon Android adherents the prowess to weave a tapestry of resilience for their digital kin. Its modus operandi unfurls with a balletic grace, executing a meticulous ballet of backup and restoration. The user, akin to an ardent seeker, can traverse the digital cosmos in pursuit of their coveted data, navigating the labyrinth with swift and nimble strides.

This technological maestro wields an arsenal of functionalities, a veritable cornucopia of utilities catering to the denizens of the digital domain. It extends its benevolent hand to usher forth the act of safeguarding, where the vestiges of importance are consecrated and ensconced in the celestial abode of the cloud. An opulent banquet awaits, allowing the retrieval and restoration of all data, akin to a celestial feast for the digital soul.

Within the sanctified corridors of Alpha Backup Pro, the design ethos seamlessly intertwines with the symbiotic companionship of mobile and tablet devices. These conduits of the digital spirit harmonize with the application, metamorphosing into vessels of salvation for the integral data repository. The transcendental symphony echoes, heralding the sublime marriage of utility and convenience in the cloud-bound soiree.

The app, akin to a digital guardian deity, stands resolute against the specter of data loss, an embodiment of fortitude for Android adherents. It assumes the mantle of a paragon application for those who venerate their data with a fervent desire to avert its descent into the abyss of loss. Effortlessly, it extends its protective embrace, cocooning files and folders in the cradle of external storage devices.

Despite the labyrinthine tapestry of storage media, the app stands as an unyielding bulwark, effortlessly archiving data with a finesse that transcends the mundane. The archival ballet, executed in three acts Full, Incremental, and Differential takes center stage.

The Full spectacle, a magnum opus of temporal dedication, unfolds across hours, meticulously preserving the entirety of the digital narrative. In contrast, the Incremental performance, a brisk ballet of swifter cadence, unfurls its wings, albeit with a caveat of selectivity.

The sage advice resonates opt for the Differential recital, an effortless pas de deux with simplicity. The user, akin to a director orchestrating the narrative, configures the backup frequency and handpicks the thematic ensemble of file types. The archival ballet, a magnum opus of temporal efficiency, unfolds automatically, sparing the denizens of Android the temporal tribulations.

The archival tapestry woven by Alpha Backup Pro culminates in a petite tableau a diminutive opus of data safeguarding. This exquisite creation, akin to a digital cameo, is imbued with the essence of temporal thriftiness, a testament to the harmonious synthesis of functionality and efficiency.

Manage all your apps in one place

Unlock an expedited and effortless solution for orchestrating all your applications seamlessly within a consolidated interface. Employ this application to safeguard, reinstate, and distribute applications along with their corresponding data.

Transforming user applications into system applications and vice versa is also at your fingertips. If the desire arises to deactivate or activate an application, such actions can be accomplished by resetting individual application configurations.

Alpha Backup Pro stands as a groundbreaking and unparalleled Android application supervisor, delivering the ability to safeguard, restore, and oversee your applications.

This advanced tool facilitates the safeguarding of your applications and their data by storing them in the cloud or by transferring the application data from your SD card to your computer.

Additionally, you possess the capability to export your applications into .apk files, facilitating the sharing of these files with acquaintances or forwarding them to others.

Furthermore, the functionality extends to the restoration of applications and their corresponding data from either the cloud or the SD card. The versatility also encompasses the conversion of user applications into system applications and vice versa.

Restore apps and app data

In the pursuit of reinstating all previously deployed applications and their corresponding data to their factory-reset state, a meticulous approach is essential. Endeavor to archive the entirety of installed applications and their associated data into a singular file, facilitating subsequent restoration endeavors.

The capability extends beyond a mere bulk restoration; one possesses the option to selectively reinstate particular applications or those endowed with specific configurations. The nuanced intricacies of this process afford a discerning user the opportunity for a tailored restoration experience, transcending the conventional reset paradigm.

Backup apps and app data

Alpha Backup Pro presents an avenue for the archival of your applications and their associated data onto your SD card, fostering a secure and convenient backup system.

The backup procedure is elegantly straightforward, granting you the flexibility to either archive all applications and their data collectively or schedule systematic backups at designated intervals.

Restoration is equally streamlined; one can seamlessly reinstate applications or data either directly from the SD card or opt for the latest backup iteration.

Beyond mere restoration, Alpha Backup Pro offers the intriguing capability to convert user applications into system applications and vice versa. The power to effortlessly toggle the enabling or disabling of applications is vested in the user, requiring nothing more than a few intuitive clicks.

Convert user apps to system apps and vice versa

Navigating through this curated list, the option to elevate an application’s status to that of a system app is readily accessible. A mere selection from the list followed by a click on “Add to System” orchestrates the transition, relocating the app to the roster of system applications. Conversely, the fluidity of control extends to moving an app from the system app inventory back to the realm of user apps.

Uninstallation maneuvers are executed with equal finesse. The user can pinpoint the desired app within the user apps directory, initiating its removal by selecting “Remove.” This straightforward action expunges the app seamlessly from the confines of your mobile device.

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What's new

Major update:
- Added android 12 & 13 support.
- Added auto backup feature for all the available backup types.
- Now auto backup of all the backup types is performed at once.
- Reorganized different settings (some settings may get reset).
- Other numerous performance and reliability improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

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