Aline White linear icon pack v1.6.4 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 09, 2024
Aline White icon pack is a set of custom bold linear icons for your home screen and app drawer. You can apply it on almost any custom launcher (Nova launcher, Lawnchair, Niagara, etc.) and some default launchers like the Samsung OneUI launcher (via Theme Park app), OnePlus launcher, Oppo’s Color OS, Nothing launcher, etc.
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Aug 02, 2023
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Aline White linear icon pack MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of the Aline White linear icon pack  MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Introducing the Aline White Linear Icon Pack, a curated collection tailored for Android devices, offering a seamless transformation of your phone or tablet’s visual identity. For those yearning to imbue their mobile experience with a distinctive touch, the Aline White icon pack stands as an exquisite choice, curated with a diverse array of icons to effortlessly customize your device.

Crafted by the talented artist Aline White, this linear icon pack grants you the creative freedom to forge personalized iconography. The repertoire of icons spans a myriad of categories, ensuring there’s a visual representation that resonates with various preferences. Aline White’s artistic touch permeates each icon, allowing for a seamless and elegant transformation of your device’s visual language.

The Aline White icon pack is not merely a static design; it’s a dynamic tool for personalization. The pack’s design, reminiscent of a clean white line, imparts a modern aesthetic to your device’s home screen. Beyond aesthetics, this icon pack offers functionality by dynamically adjusting based on real-time weather conditions. With a rich collection exceeding 300 icons, it caters to both phones and tablets, promising a cohesive visual experience.

Accessible through the Google Play Store at no cost, the Aline White linear icon pack beckons users to enhance their device’s aesthetics with a touch of modernity. Boasting versatility, the icon pack is available in a spectrum of colors, allowing users to select the hue that resonates most with their taste.

Aline White linear icon pack isn’t just a visual embellishment; it’s a transformative tool that bestows beauty and functionality on your home screen. Elevate the appearance of your device effortlessly, merging aesthetics and functionality seamlessly with this captivating icon pack.

Aline, with its meticulously designed icons, transcends the boundary between mobile and desktop applications. Rooted in simplicity and functionality, the white icon set encapsulates the essence of modern design. These icons, crafted with utmost quality, elevate the visual appeal of your applications, ensuring a harmonious and refined experience across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Features of Aline White linear icon pack MOD APK

Linear icons

The prevailing trend in contemporary design leans heavily towards the popularity of linear icons, cherished for their crisp and minimalistic aesthetics. Embraced by designers for their ability to infuse simplicity, cleanliness, and style into projects, linear icons stand as the preferred choice for those aiming to craft an uncomplicated and chic user interface.

Aline White, a distinctive linear icon pack, introduces a collection of custom, bold linear icons tailored for both your home screen and app drawer. This versatile pack finds compatibility with a multitude of custom launchers such as Nova launcher, Lawnchair, Niagara, and more. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with certain default launchers like the Samsung OneUI launcher (via the Theme Park app), the OnePlus launcher, Oppo’s Color OS, Nothing launcher, and others. The adaptability of Aline White extends its appeal to users across various launcher preferences, promising seamless integration into diverse Android environments.

Customizable size and color

Now, you have the liberty to apply the Aline White linear icon pack to your preferred launcher or mobile phone. This dynamic icon pack offers four distinct sizes and an array of seven vibrant colors.

Customization options abound with the ability to alter the icon size through intuitive dragging of the edges or via the settings menu. The color palette is also at your command, easily manipulated through the settings menu to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Compatibility extends further, allowing seamless integration with any available themes in the market. The comprehensive set of icons, available in diverse sizes and colors, empowers you to curate a personalized home screen that aligns with your unique style.

Aline White linear icon pack takes customization to the next level, enabling effortless adjustments to size, color, transparency, and more. This grants you the power to craft a bespoke appearance for your apps and widgets, ensuring a personalized and visually striking user experience.

Add your favorite apps and shortcuts to the launcher

Harnessing the Aline White linear icon pack, and effortlessly integrating this icon pack into your home screen or app drawer is now a streamlined process.

This seamless integration empowers you to expediently incorporate your cherished apps and shortcuts into the launcher, sparing you the need for prolonged searches. The uncomplicated method involves a simple drag-and-drop action, allowing you to position the app icons precisely where you desire on the app drawer or home screen.

Adding your preferred apps and shortcuts becomes an intuitive task, granting you the flexibility to choose between the main screen and the app drawer for placement. The icing on the cake is the ability to fine-tune the icon size through the settings menu, ensuring a tailored and visually cohesive presentation on your launcher.

Download this icon pack and enjoy the new icons on your phone

Indulge in a transformative experience by downloading the Aline White linear icon pack and infusing a fresh aesthetic into your phone. The pack comprises a total of 12 icons, offering a glimpse of its potential. For access to the full suite of icons, the premium version of the pack is available for purchase.

The Aline White linear icon pack beckons with a generous offering of over 3000 custom icons, characterized by their simple, bold, and minimalist colors. The best part is, that this icon pack is available for free, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Feel free to download this icon pack and apply it to your phone, elevating its visual appeal with the extensive collection of custom icons. The generosity extends to sharing these icons with your friends, fostering a sense of community around this aesthetically pleasing icon pack. To embark on this visual journey, simply click the download button, and you’ll be seamlessly directed to Google Play for a hassle-free acquisition.

You can choose between dark and light versions of the icon pack

The Aline White linear icon pack offers users the choice between two visually distinct versions: dark and light. Empowering you to tailor your experience, you can opt for the version that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and seamlessly apply it to your home screen or app drawer.

Delineating the differences, the dark version features a sophisticated black background, ideal for nighttime use, while the light version presents a crisp white background, perfect for daytime aesthetics.

Navigate through the day with ease by choosing between the dark and light versions of the Aline White linear icon pack. The dark version caters to nighttime usability, ensuring a visually pleasing experience in low-light conditions. Conversely, the light version is optimized for daylight use, seamlessly integrating into your home screen or app drawer. It’s worth noting that on Android Oreo, the icons will default to the app drawer, while on Android Pie, they will grace your home screen by default, adapting to the nuances of your Android version seamlessly.

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What's new

Jul 25 - v1.6.4
15 new icons

Jul 18 - v1.6.3
25 new icons

Jun 23 - v1.6.2
10 new icons

May 25 - v1.6.1
10 new icons

May 5 - v1.6.0
20 new icons

Apr 11 - v1.5.9
20 new icons

Mar 20 - v1.5.8
20 new icons

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