Ailment space pixelart MOD APK 3.3.3 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jul 25, 2023
Searching for a shooting games with interesting and engaging story? If so, then Ailment: dead space standoff is best choice for you!
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Jul 25, 2023
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Ailment space pixelart MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Ailment space pixelart MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Ailment space pixelart MOD APK is an action game developed by Visceral Games. This game is a sequel to the original Ailment: Dead Space. It was released in the year 2018.

The main character is Isaac Clarke. He is the son of John and Ellie, who were killed by necromorphs. Isaac is a survivor who has been living in the wasteland for ten years.

He lives in a cabin near the coast. Isaac’s purpose is to find the cure for Necromorphs. The game starts when Isaac receives a distress signal from a nearby research station. He goes there to find the source of the signal and discovers a terrible secret.

The player controls Isaac, who is equipped with a pistol, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. He can use these weapons to attack enemies. The enemies include Necromorphs, Cenobites, and Reapers.

The Necromorphs are the main enemies in Ailment space pixelart MOD APK. They are infected and mutated humans. The Cenobites are a type of alien parasite that feeds on human flesh.

The Reapers are another kind of alien that is a type of overseer. Their job is to exterminate the human race. They are extremely dangerous enemies that can take the form of a giant spider, a bat, and a huge creature.

Ailment space pixelart MOD APK features three types of gameplay. The first type is survival mode. In this mode, you can only control Isaac and find the key to the laboratory.

The second type is puzzle mode. The puzzles in this mode are the most challenging part of the game. They are very hard and require high-level thinking.

The third type is combat mode. In this mode, you can control Isaac, and you can fight against enemies. There are three different enemy types.

The first is Necromorphs, Cenobites, and Reapers. The second is AI, which is used to make puzzles more interesting. The third is the boss.

Features of Ailment space pixelart MOD APK

High-quality graphics

Ailment space pixelart MOD APK is one of the best games with high-quality graphics and sound effects. In this game, you can explore a very large and mysterious spaceship and fight against the enemy.

The game will help you to explore the vast space and meet interesting characters. The graphics are also very well made so that you can enjoy the game from anywhere.

Multiple levels and achievements

There are multiple levels in Ailment space pixelart MOD APK. Each level has a unique boss that will be waiting for you. After defeating it, you can move to the next level and try to get a higher score. You will find various obstacles in your way.

So, try to avoid them and try to hit the target at the right time. You can unlock achievements in each level by getting some points. You can also unlock the new weapons and skins for your gun.

Collect coins to unlock new weapons

Ailment space pixelart MOD APK is an awesome action game that allows you to collect coins to unlock new weapons. So, the more you collect coins, the better weapons you can get.

Collect coins and kill enemies to level up your character. Every enemy you kill adds coins to your total coins. You can also find hidden coins around the map.

Unlock more than 80 levels

Ailment space pixelart MOD APK is a survival game where you have to survive and protect yourself against deadly zombies. The game contains more than 80 levels and it will be available to play on your mobile devices soon.

In the game, you’re the leader of a group of survivors. You must complete various tasks to help your team to stay alive and safe. Use your weapons and skills to survive.

The game features a nice and interesting storyline and you will be able to unlock new levels. As you advance in the game, you will be able to get new weapons and abilities. You can unlock the new levels as you complete the previous ones.


Ailment: dead space standoff is a story-driven first-person shooter, where you play a man named Alex. He is a typical guy, he likes to watch movies and spend time with his family.

One day, Alex is driving in his car with his wife and son. Suddenly, a man in a white van pulls up beside him. The man aims a gun at Alex’s family and forces them out of the car.

Alex decides to fight back and tries to drive away, but the man shoots at the car and hits Alex’s wife, who dies instantly. Then, the man tries to kill Alex.

Now, Alex is alone in the car, and he is now fighting for his life. Alex has to find his way out of this situation and stop the man.

Ailment space pixelart is a first-person shooter game, where you play as a man named Alex.

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