Ailment space pixelart v4.0.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
Searching for a shooting games with interesting and engaging story? If so, then Ailment: dead space standoff is best choice for you!
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Mar 06, 2024
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Ailment space pixel art MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of the Ailment space pixel art MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, Visceral Games birthed an opus of dynamism an action-packed marvel that succeeded its progenitor, Ailment: Dead Space, hitting the gaming cosmos in 2018.

The protagonist, Isaac Clarke, progeny of the ill-fated union between John and Ellie, met his genesis in the crucible of necromorphic atrocity, as his kin succumbed to the macabre dance orchestrated by these nightmarish entities. Isaac, a resilient denizen of the desolation, has weathered a decade within its eerie embrace.

A modest abode, perched on the coastal fringes, shelters Isaac from the existential onslaught. His raison d’être unearth a panacea for the scourge of Necromorphs. The curtain rises when a plaintive distress signal pierces the solitude, emanating from a neighboring research bastion. Isaac embarks on a perilous sojourn to unveil the cryptic origin of this signal, unraveling a malevolent revelation.

Guiding the player’s hand is Isaac, armed with a triad of implements an arbiter of doom in the form of a pistol, a herald of destruction embodied by a shotgun, and a rocket launcher, a harbinger of cataclysm. His arsenal deployed against a menagerie of adversaries: the insidious Necromorphs, voracious Cenobites, and the ominous Reapers.

Necromorphs, archfiends of the narrative, epitomize infected and metamorphosed remnants of humanity. Cenobites, alien parasites with a penchant for feasting on human flesh, constitute another formidable adversary. Reapers, celestial overseers tasked with human extinction, shape-shift into colossal arachnids, bats, and titanic monstrosities.

The gameplay unfolds across three distinct modalities. Survival mode imposes the solitary control of Isaac, the quest: uncovering the key to the enigmatic laboratory. Puzzle mode, an intellectual crucible, presents formidable conundrums requiring profound cognitive acuity.

Combat mode, the crucible of confrontation, empowers the player to navigate Isaac through skirmishes with adversaries spanning Necromorphs, Cenobites, and Reapers, and an artificial intelligence that elevates the intricacy of puzzles, culminating in climactic showdowns with formidable bosses.

Features of Ailment space pixel art MOD APK

High-quality graphics

In the realm of gaming excellence, behold an exemplary masterpiece adorned with top-tier visuals and acoustics. Immerse yourself in the labyrinthine corridors of a colossal and enigmatic spacecraft, engaging in fierce combat with adversaries that dare to cross your path.

This interactive experience extends an invitation to traverse the expansive cosmos, encountering a tapestry of captivating personalities along the way. The graphical elements, meticulously crafted, elevate your gaming pleasure to unprecedented heights, ensuring seamless enjoyment regardless of your geographical vantage point.

Multiple levels and achievements

Entwined within this gaming odyssey are myriad tiers, each concealing an idiosyncratic adversary eagerly anticipating your arrival. Triumph over these formidable foes to ascend to the next echelon, striving to amass an ever-elusive high score. Your path, however, is fraught with an assortment of obstacles demanding deft navigation.

Navigate with finesse, sidestepping these hindrances, and seize the opportune moment to strike your target with precision. Accumulate points to unlock a trove of achievements within each tier, unveiling a cascade of new weaponry and aesthetically pleasing gun skins to further enhance your virtual arsenal.

Collect coins to unlock new weapons

In the realm of exhilarating action, behold a stellar gaming experience that beckons you to amass a treasury of coins, paving the way to unlock an arsenal of unparalleled weaponry. The veritable key to augmenting your armory lies in the relentless pursuit of these gleaming coins.

Embark on a coin-collecting crusade, not only bolstering your financial cache but also fortifying your character’s prowess through the elimination of adversaries. Each vanquished foe contributes to your coin coffers, propelling your ascent to higher echelons. As you traverse the map, keep a keen eye for concealed coins, further enriching your bounty and amplifying the thrill of this immersive gaming escapade.

Unlock more than 80 levels

Enter the heart-pounding realm of survival, where the relentless onslaught of perilous zombies becomes the crucible of your fortitude. With an expansive tapestry of over 80 challenging levels, this imminent mobile gaming marvel is poised to captivate your senses.

Assume the mantle of leadership as you guide a resilient cadre of survivors through a harrowing landscape. Tasked with multifarious challenges, your strategic prowess and combat finesse become the linchpin for the survival and well-being of your group. Employ a symphony of weapons and skills to navigate the treacherous terrain.

Immerse yourself in an intricately woven narrative, a thread that binds your destiny with the fate of your intrepid team. Each level conquered unveils a progression, unlocking not only new challenges but also a trove of weapons and abilities. As you traverse the narrative arc, the unfolding saga presents opportunities to transcend, acquiring newfound strength and prowess to confront the escalating menace.


In the gripping narrative of “Ailment: Dead Space Standoff,” step into the shoes of Alex, an ordinary man whose affinity for movies and cherished family moments defines his unassuming life. The tranquility of a car ride with his wife and son abruptly shatters when a malevolent figure in a white van materializes, brandishing a firearm and coercing Alex’s family out of the vehicle.

In a desperate bid for survival, Alex, fueled by a surge of determination, attempts to evade the impending threat. However, the assailant’s bullets find their mark, tragically claiming the life of Alex’s wife in an instant. Undeterred, Alex grapples with the sudden isolation, his only recourse being to confront the malefactor who now has him in his sights.

Alone in the car, Alex becomes an unwitting combatant in a life-or-death struggle. Tasked with navigating the perilous situation, he must extricate himself and put an end to the menacing assailant’s reign of terror. This is the pulse-pounding premise of “Ailment Space Pixelart,” a riveting first-person shooter where Alex’s mettle is tested in the crucible of adversity.

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