Agent Action v1.6.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Agent Action MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Agent Action MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with All Agents Are Open Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of covert operations, Agent Action emerges as a clandestine gambit. As a seasoned operative, you embody the epitome of professionalism in your mission to safeguard the nation. The prerogative, however, prohibits the termination of adversaries; rather, your finesse lies in neutralizing and acquiring them.

Your modus operandi involves the strategic elimination of in-game adversaries. The imperative is to discharge a shot, albeit with a caveat against inflicting harm. Each shot serves as a preemptive admonition, a clarion signal of impending consequences.

Abstaining from the discharge of lethal force becomes pivotal, as it unveils the adversary’s coordinates. Armed with this intelligence, you can precisely target and eliminate the opposition. The crux of your mission is the systematic eradication of hostile elements.

You, the covert protagonist, operate within the confines of a stringent no-kill mandate. The essence lies in disarming foes without resorting to fatality. The act of shooting becomes an orchestration of cautionary tactics, revealing the adversary’s whereabouts upon restraint.

Agent Action, a cinematic venture into the realm of espionage, presents players with the choice of assuming the mantle of a clandestine operative or a marksmanship virtuoso. The gaming narrative places you squarely in the shoes of a spy.

Your odyssey entails infiltrating a clandestine bastion of adversaries to execute a classified mission. The game’s visual tapestry unfolds within a hyper-realistic 3D milieu, offering an array of weaponry for obliterating opposition forces.

While the arsenal at your disposal is diverse, a prudent selection of close-quarters combat weaponry is advocated. Agent Action provides a spectrum of armaments encompassing firearms, sniper rifles, and melee instruments. The game intricately weaves a physics system, endowing the experience of dispatching foes with a visceral realism.

Munitions span a gamut, featuring explosive projectiles, rockets, and guided missiles. The game cleverly incorporates environmental elements, offering a strategic advantage to astute players.

Features of Agent Action MOD APK

Unlimited ammunition, unlimited power

Agent Action boasts an extraordinary arsenal, featuring the capability to load up to five distinct types of ammunition into each weapon. Furthermore, the potential for weapon enhancement knows no bounds, allowing users to upgrade their armaments extensively.

Embracing boundless ammunition, unwavering power, and formidable weaponry, the wellspring of bullets never depletes, ensuring a perpetual well of amusement. The epitome of enjoyment lies in the seamless fusion of limitless firepower with an abundance of potent weapons.

What sets Agent Action apart transcends even the impressive weaponry – the absence of a reloading necessity. Operating on an infinite reservoir of ammunition, coupled with an inexhaustible power source, the protagonist remains unhampered by the constraints of a depleting battery. The allure lies in the perpetual fluidity of action, unmarred by the need for a recharge.

Over 50 missions with 10 different levels

Embark on an exhilarating odyssey through more than 50 adrenaline-fueled missions, spanning 10 distinct levels within the enthralling realm of this exceptional espionage shooter, Agent Action. Navigate treacherous scenarios, including the precision art of eliminating enemy helicopters and commandeering adversary vehicles, all while employing your strategic acumen and cunning prowess. As you traverse these action-packed missions, your tactical finesse and sagacity will be put to the test, and the successful completion of each mission will unlock increasingly enticing rewards, enhancing the gratification of your clandestine exploits.

Collectible weapon skins

Beyond the expansive array of cutting-edge weaponry, Agent Action introduces a personal touch to the theater of operations through a collection of stylish accessories. Elevating the stakes, he can adorn his arsenal with a captivating assortment of highly sought-after and collectible weapon skins. Noteworthy among his distinctive accessories are his iconic signature sunglasses, a subtle yet impactful addition to his enigmatic persona on the field of play. The fusion of state-of-the-art armaments and personalized embellishments accentuates the unique allure of Agent Action’s covert exploits.

Earn achievements and collect trophies

Embark on a journey of personal achievement and embellish your virtual mantle with an array of trophies, signifying your progress within the game. Seize the opportunity to augment your rewards by attaining various achievements strategically placed throughout your espionage escapade. As a testament to your prowess, unlock concealed characters and exclusive skins, further enhancing the depth of your gaming experience.

From the game’s inception, the design ethos of Agent Action manifests in a rich tapestry of riveting and exhilarating gameplay. Engage in a multifaceted experience that unfolds seamlessly, presenting a myriad of challenges and thrills from the very outset.

Elevate your gaming prowess by amassing trophies along your journey, and maintain a vigilant gaze for covert collectibles and concealed bonuses waiting to be unearthed. The narrative of Agent Action unfolds not merely as a game but as an immersive quest for hidden treasures and unparalleled achievements.


Agent Action unfolds as a streamlined one-touch, one-kill gaming experience. Employ the simplicity of a tap to aim and discharge your weapon, traversing the intricate urban landscapes of city streets and rooftops, all in a bid to thwart the nefarious Dr. Evil before his catastrophic detonation engulfs the metropolis.

As the clandestine operative in this virtual realm, you assume the identity of Agent Action with a singular mission: preventing Dr. Evil’s cataclysmic plot to obliterate the city. Your directive is clear – neutralize the malevolent forces intent on seizing a nuclear arsenal.

The gameplay adopts an intuitive approach – tap to align your sights and dispatch adversaries. Agent Action navigates through diverse levels, each escalating in difficulty, presenting an escalating challenge for the player.

Faced with adversaries armed to the teeth with an array of weapons and gadgets, strategic preparedness becomes paramount. The arsenal at your disposal includes a machine gun, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, missile launcher, rocket launcher, sword, and shield. Precision in weapon selection is imperative to surmount each level’s escalating threats.

To aid your mission, three power-ups are at your disposal. Elevate your capabilities by upgrading your character, weapons, and shield, enhancing your resilience and effectiveness in the relentless pursuit of justice. The dynamic interplay of simplicity and strategic depth defines the immersive experience of Agent Action.

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