AdVenture Communist MOD APK 6.26.1 (Free Upgrades)

Last Updated on Jun 15, 2023
Dig potatoes, collect science, and seize the means of production to climb to the highest Rank! Join Supreme Leader in contributing to the State: AdVenture Communist is a Communism simulator built for hard working Comrades like you!
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Hyper Hippo
Jun 15, 2023
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AdVenture Communist MOD APK (Free Upgrades)

Download The Latest APK Version of AdVenture Communist MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Free Upgrades Available download Yours Now.

Are you a potato tycoon looking to build an empire using an Idle game? You might be wondering how Idle games can help players build a powerful empire. Empire-building games are usually found in the strategy genre. But it gets even more bizarre when you can create your empire by simply planting potatoes. The game I’m about you to show will change your mind.Adventure Communist Completely. Screenzilla developed Adventure Communist, a simple game that is both entertaining and easy to download. This game is easy to use for entertainment in your spare time, thanks to its Idle gameplay.

AdVenture Communist

Hyper Hippo developed this game. If AdVenture Capitalist simulates the capitalist economy, AdVenture Communist humorously emulates the economy of a communist country. Clicker gameplay makes it easy to touch produce, here potatoes.

You can start with a farmer and a small piece of land to build your potato empire. You can plant lots of potatoes, and harvest. Hire more farmers and pay them with potatoes. If you invest correctly, even your empire could supply food for the entire world.

AdVenture Communist is an idle game that allows you to continue building your empire even after you have gone to bed and closed the game. You can close the game if someone knocks at your door or your boss assigns you an unrelated job. The next time you open the door, you can find potatoes or other products.

AdVenture Communist MOD APK

Features of AdVenture Communist APK

Adventure Communist offers a simple, accessible game that is easy to understand. However, it also has many exciting features that are hard to ignore.

Special abilities abound in many characters

You can hire many characters to play the various roles. They will all work together to help you reach your common goal, which is to build a Communist State. You may have a few characters who specialize in collecting potatoes. These characters will help you find ways to make the potato grow faster. However, there are many other areas that require a lot more characters. You need to be able to purchase the right people to ensure your industry runs smoothly. These characters can be upgraded to work faster.

Build an empire of potatoes

All countries around the globe need to eat well. Food is the foundation of all other activities. You can make a great choice with potatoes. You can make many delicious dishes by starting with potatoes. One of my favorite dishes is french fries.

Develop your glorious potato empire. Be the nation’s shining leader. If your farmers are too many, you can build farms or towns. You can harvest faster if you upgrade the necessary items. This will allow more farmers to work on your farm.

The automation feature in this game is excellent

This game works even though you’ve not touched it in a while, unlike other Idle apps. You can allow this game to run by itself, for the most basic way of making money in potato business.

Modernization of industry

You can also produce potatoes. Once you have enough food, it is possible to continue producing and upgrading industries. AdVenture Communist lets you upgrade plants, towns, irrigation systems and factories. Every level you reach, you are given materials.

You can unlock new industries by focusing your efforts on one industry. New industries often bring greater value.

Missions are the highlight of this game.

This game will help you avoid acting out of purpose and give you tasks to complete. These missions will allow you to grow and upgrade your business more quickly. The game will also reward you with valuable rewards once you have completed the task. You must find a way of building your Communist State quickly, as there will be other empires doing the same thing as you. This competition is never ending, so don’t be afraid to join the race even if you have no potato business.


Researchers are great employees if you’re a leader. They can help you increase production speed exponentially. Researchers are like scientists. They bring new solutions that improve production speed. There are four types of researchers: Supreme, Rare, Epic, Epic, and Common. Research capsules and resources can be used to unlock researchers.

Rank up and dominate

Your little communist state will improve each day. The success of its industries will determine how high your state ranks. You can increase your rank by completing missions. Then, you can compare your ranking with other players. Are you ready to become the greatest communist leader in the world? Daily rewards include exciting packages that might contain all kinds of great items or boosts. These will help you on your way to becoming the best communist leader. Your ultimate leader is a source of beneficence and looks down upon you!

AdVenture Communist, an Idle Clicker game, allows you to become a Potato tycoon. You can start your own Potato farm or invest in research and upgrades. You can set up your industries to increase efficiency. Then, you can automate your work process by hiring managers. Daily capsules are available for free. Participate in the Global leaderboard.

Think outside the box

You can rank up to expand your industry. You’ll find new areas in AdVenture Communist that are ready to become impressive monuments of communist triumph. As you embark on your mission to conquer new lands, special events keep the game fresh. Special capsules will be available for you to bring back to your homeland to improve scientific progress, industrial efficiency, and working conditions.


Airdrops are not a regular occurrence in the game. It is considered a rare occurrence. It will appear on the screen and players will receive bonus Science, Resources, and Comrades. Players will see a plane moving from one side to the other, and they must tap on it. Depending on the current event, airdrops may be made by a boat or another aircraft.

Idle games have a magical effect

The beauty of idle mobile games is their ability to keep churning away even when you aren’t playing. Your new communist state will continue to roar in the background as the machines keep whirring away, and resources will continue to be gathered as long as you have your phone on. Your state continues to grow even while you’re asleep. This is ideal for people who just want to check in on the game occasionally. To play, you will need an internet connection.

The following tips and tricks will help you

The tab to the right of each area limits how many farmers you can purchase. This tab should always be set to Max. A farmer can cost 10 potatoes. However, you can only purchase one farmer even if you have 100 potatoes. Max allows you to buy 10 farmers with one click.

You can maximize your Propaganda Meter by watching ads videos. This clock will increase your production speed. You can watch Ads videos until the effect is over.

Features of AdVenture Communist MOD APK

  • Automatic Update
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Support all Devices
  • Interface is simple to use
  • Connection Encryption script
  • It is not necessary to have a root.

How to use

    • Don’t upgrade your cards to the maximum. Cards cannot be collected for max upgrade cards. This is crucial for Quest “collect all cards”.

How to Install AdVenture Communist MOD APK

    1. Go to Settings – Security Unknown Sources – Turn it ON
    2. Download section at the link below
    3. Find the File folder.
    4. Click on the app to install the Mod Apk.
    5. Done.
    6. Enjoy the Mod!
    7. Get More Mods

AdVenture Communist MOD APK FAQs

How Should I Spend Gold?

It is recommended that you purchase periodic Supreme capsules at a price of 750 gold, which are the best way to make use of your gold. Conversely, if you invest carefully in events, you are likely to get 40% more Supremes per gold. You must purchase the exact Supreme you want in the Shop for 40k and aim for science rewards.

After the Event, what will I receive?

After beating each event rank, you will receive rewards. You may then reach a certain milestone on the leaderboard. Progress and resources earned will not be saved by the future event.

Is it necessary to complete all missions before leveling up?

You decide. It’s just about doing what you find fun. This question has been the subject of some debate. According to some, staying does not offer an advantage because you will receive more capsules as you rise in the ranks.Others say they can increase their researcher levels with a strategy.

The Supremes come to the shop how often?

Every 8 hours, the Shop will be refreshed. Approximately 20% of the time the Supreme will appear in the bottom-right corner for 1.5k gold. The chances of Supreme showing up in the bottom half of 40k Science are only 12%.

Final Words About AdVenture Communist MOD APK

Hyper Hippo created this game. AdVenture Capitalist may mimic the entrepreneurial economy. AdVenture Communist, however, hilariously imitates a socialist economy. You can contact to deliver potatoes by clicking on interactivity.

You start with a rancher and some real estate. Then you build your potato domain step by step. Collect the potatoes by planting lots of them. You can hire more ranchers and pay them with potatoes. If you are able to contribute, your domain could provide food for the whole world.

AdVenture Communist is an inert video game that allows you to continue building your realm even after you have closed the game. If someone knocks on your door or your manager does something strange, you can unwind the game and close it. You can open the game to get potato chips and other items.


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Here’s what’s updated in version 6.26.1:

- Some backend optimizations.

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