ActionDash v9.6.17 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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ActionDash MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of ActionDash MOD APK. An Android  Productivity App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital guardianship, there exists a cognitive guide, adept at regulating the temporal sojourn of a user within the confines of their handheld device. Moreover, it extends its influence to the familial domain, endowing parents with the capacity to supervise and govern the undertakings of progeny granted access to the electronic conduit.

Should the user, in their digital soiree, fail to attain the predetermined temporal threshold, an alert shall be dispatched to them. A subsequent embargo on device utilization shall persist until the prescribed temporal limits are duly met. This versatile application seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android platforms. Beyond temporal constraints, it avails parents the means to orchestrate and monitor the pursuits of their offspring.

Behold ActionDash, an arbiter of temporal occupancy, affording parental sovereignty over the digital deportment of their progeny. Amidst the ephemeral revelry of progeny upon phones, tablets, or laptops, a daily ledger unfolds, chronicling the duration of their cybernautical exploits.

Parents are endowed with a discerning insight into the temporal investment requisite for familial communion. A granular authority is vested in parents to delineate distinct temporal parameters for each electronic apparatus. This application, user-friendly in its essence, harbors the faculty to preclude juvenile access to designated cyber nautical realms.

Marked by its simplicity, this facile application proffers parents a conduit to impose temporal and jurisdictional limitations upon their progeny. It emerges as a valuable adjunct for parental surveillance of their offspring’s interaction with electronic artifacts.

In tandem with vigilant oversight, the application unfurls statistical vistas. The user gains cognizance of the quantum of occasions their progeny have embraced the tablet and the temporal mosaic devoted to the handheld device.

This discernment serves as a compass to navigate the conundrum of whether a specific electronic apparatus should be entrusted to progeny. Further embellishing its utility, the application disseminates a diurnal dossier elucidating the temporal ledger of each electronic apparatus.

In the realm of temporal governance, the application extends its utility beyond observation. A timely prompt is sounded, entreating parents to scrutinize the exploits of their progeny. Should their digital dalliance overstep boundaries, the application extends a salient reminder, dispatched at a designated temporal juncture.

Features of ActionDash: Screen Time Helper MOD APK

Set limits for the amount of time on the phone

This digital temporal overseer empowers users to establish temporal boundaries for their mobile device engagement. Once this predefined temporal threshold is traversed, a notification beckons the user, imposing a temporary embargo on device access until the stipulated limit is surpassed. Additionally, the application extends the capability to selectively obstruct particular applications.

This tool facilitates users in delineating temporal confines for their smartphone usage. A particularly advantageous attribute for guardians desiring to curtail their offspring’s screen time. Moreover, this functionality affords guardians the means to vigilantly scrutinize the temporal investment their progeny allocates to smartphone interactions, thereby gaining insights into the quantum of time their child dedicates to this electronic realm.

Enable or disable the usage of the phone

This application empowers users to establish constraints on temporal allotments and durations for device engagement. Not only does it furnish the ability to activate or deactivate phone usage, thereby fortifying parental oversight, but it also stands sentinel over the safety of children during their phone interactions. Furthermore, the application endows users with the liberty to customize notification sounds and vibration patterns.

Whether to enact or rescind phone access, this application places the reins in the hands of users. In instances where users fall short of the daily predetermined usage limit, a notification serves as a gentle reminder, locking them out of device usage until the specified limit is met.

Versatility is a hallmark, as the application seamlessly integrates with both iOS and Android devices. Beyond the temporal constraints, the application serves as a guardian of sorts, empowering parents to curate and govern their children’s digital activities with a vigilant eye.

Get notifications when the time is running out

Employing this application facilitates the imposition of temporal limitations on a user’s phone engagement. Upon reaching the designated temporal threshold, a notification promptly alerts the user. This functionality proves invaluable in curbing the device usage of younger individuals beyond a specific timeframe.

Moreover, the application assumes the role of a digital guardian, aiding parents in the meticulous surveillance of their children’s digital pursuits. Through this application’s auspices, parents wield the authority to define the maximum duration for which a child can interact with the device, receiving timely notifications upon the culmination of the allotted time.

Control the activities of children using the application

This application extends a vigilant arm to empower parents in overseeing their children’s digital engagements. Its functionalities encompass time tracking, enabling parents to meticulously observe the temporal investments made by their offspring on their phones.

The application not only documents the duration allocated to various apps but also intercedes when the stipulated time threshold is attained, curtailing the child’s phone usage. Furthermore, it wields the capability to impose restrictions on indulgence in social media platforms and games.

In the realm of parental control, this tool grants users the authority to prescribe temporal constraints on a child’s device interaction. Parents can methodically scrutinize the temporal canvas their child paints on smartphones and other electronic devices.

This feature is a boon, facilitating parents in establishing daily limits tailored to their children’s digital pursuits. The application stands as a stalwart ally in chronologically documenting the temporal odyssey of children navigating the landscape of smartphone engagements.

Useful parental control for parents

For vigilant parents seeking to curate their children’s smartphone engagements, this application provides a facile solution. It bestows the capability to precisely set daily usage limits for each child, allowing parents to seamlessly inspect individual usage patterns. A notification promptly alerts parents should the stipulated limit be exceeded, furnishing a valuable tool for those intent on regulating their children’s smartphone activities.

In response to parental concerns regarding excessive phone usage, proactive measures can be taken. Enter ActionDash, an invaluable ally in the realm of parental control, offering practical tools for discerning parents.

This application extends the authority of parents to impose temporal constraints on their children’s device interactions. Parents wield the discretion to curtail the array of apps accessible to their children.

Upon reaching the established limit, a notification is dispatched to the child, facilitating continuous monitoring of their smartphone activities. In essence, it serves as a vigilant companion, affording parents the ability to track and manage the temporal investments their children make in smartphone engagements.

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