AB Transformers MOD APK 2.20.1 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Nov 23, 2022
Angry Birds and Transformers collide in this action-packed, 3D shoot ‘em up adventure! The EggSpark has transformed the eggs into crazed robots who are destroying Piggy Island, but who can stop them?! Autobirds, ROLL OUT!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Nov 23, 2022
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AB Transformers MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of AB Transformers MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Description of AB Transformers MOD APK

Since its release in theaters, Transformers has really impressed people from all over the world. After watching the film we began to think “can our cars be transformed into robots and protect the world?”. The most recent instalment of this series BumbleBee is also made a huge profit. If you’re asking yourself why I mentioned the transformation robot film then the answer is closely related to the video game that I’m planning reveal to you. It’s Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) which is the most recent game by the developer Rovio.


Angry Birds Transformers will adapt innovative mechanics from a variety of genres to enhance the gameplay in a way that is more enticing than other entries in the series. Naturally, it will retain the traditional and original gameplay, but it has a few changes in the worlds, graphics, and functions that ensure that every challenge is full of excitement. Sub-modes are among the most well-known of the game, with to new gameplay mechanics and designs and even featuring stunning Transformers. In addition it will feature unofficial leaderboards online which will reward the top players who have most points at each level are recognized and you’ll have the chance to be as the best player with the most scores in record-breaking records.

If Angry Birds combined with … Transformers

Angry Birds and Transformers, you would think that they have no connection to one the other. Angry Birds are lovely birds that live on tropical islands while Transformers are massive robots from all over the world. However, thanks to the amazing inventiveness of the developer Rovio they have created an exciting game that is an ideal blend of Angry Birds and Transformers.

This is not a puzzle game that matches three and certainly not an action shooter game that follows a trajectory, Angry Birds Transformers is an arcade-style and action-style arcade. The gameplay is like Jetpack Joyride. The player controls Angry Birds running across the screen, collecting gold , and then shooting blue pigs that fly across the left side that the player is. Right. They’re not tiny and adorable Angry Birds anymore. In the future, they are AUTOBIRDS, which means they can transform into cars or helicopter equipped with the latest weapons. But, they aren’t able to be able to defend Piggy Island by themselves. To defeat the Eggbot it is necessary to unite with their adversaries, DECEPTIHOGS.


Angry Birds’ traditional mechanism is to utilize the slingshot to shoot multiple-colored birds at each other’s walls against the adversaries or pigs to kill their nests and recover the eggs taken from them. The battle between pigs and birds is ongoing for centuries, and even survived from earlier games until this point. The game, however, introduces new strategies for the player’s interaction. Furthermore, players can control each slingshot to improve precision. In addition to the standard games, additional modes will come with a myriad of controls, thereby making the game more exciting and changing the enjoyment. The players will now have the chance to participate in the transformers’ ferocious combat with the Pigcepticon.

Play with just one finger in AB Transformers 

Yes, that’s is exactly right. It is possible to play Angry Birds Transformers with just one finger. AUTOBIRDS will automatically move forward. All you have to do is tap those who are attacking, the turrets, or fortresses in order to strike. Be wary of stone towers. They could fall on you when you go through it. Simply press the transformation button to transform into an aircraft or car which will increase the speed. Be aware that AUTOBIRDS can be found in two forms: car and robot. You can only fight in the robot form. By overcoming all obstacles during the stage will move to the next stage. You will be regarded as a loser if your character has no the blood (indicated through the red heart).


The characters in the game are the perfect blend from Birds and Transformers making a brand new image, and resembling the two iconic franchises with each style. Additionally the game introduces characters, which is a technique that is commonly used in role-playing games and a chance gamers to gain new characters within each game mode. Naturally, every character’s attributes are different, and can even include a variety of changes from the original game. even the game can add attractive effects to provide players entertaining moments. The character system doesn’t offer an upgrade option however, it permits players to switch the characters for each game or challenge mode.

Meet your favorite characters of AB Transformers APK

In the form of the Angry Birds game that is paired with Transformers Of course the players will be fascinated by characters. The publisher Rovio is very successful in this. When you play Angry Birds Transformers it is possible that you’ll encounter familiar characters from the Transformers series such as Optimus Prime as well as BumbleBee in the form of adorable Angry Birds (Red, Chuck and Bomb). In addition, the Decepticons that have the shape of blue pigs appear.

You can unlock adorable and fun characters. Every character has a robotic form and is able to transform into a new vehicle like motorcycles, planes, cars, trucks and much more. The diversity of characters within the game can help strengthen your team. It is possible to continue upgrading charactersand weapons until you provide enough power to beat challenging levels. There are two methods to improve your character’s abilities by using diamonds or gold. The gold currency is what you will acquire during your journey but you’ll need to wait a bit (from just a few minutes to several hours). If you’re not a patient type you might want to consider making use of diamonds to complete the upgrade process as soon as possible.


The new Angry Birds Transformers’ return with its new graphics and effects, the game will totally change in appearance and be are familiar to its Transformers theme. Particularly the birds, as they change their appearance continuously based on the circumstances to meet the conditions of the mission. The game adds actions to enhance the gameplay and players can gain access to new content with the help of challenging tasks that they can complete. The characters are all impressive with features of vehicles, weapons and other components which give players a variety of options to form squads in various game modes.


Every week every week, the game is updated with games with new content for players to play with friends . The game also offers players the chance to test their abilities in each game mode. Special challenges are given in special challenges. They are presented with the structure being random, but the default sequence of the game is selected. The players are able to develop their creativity and can make use of the abilities of each bird to eliminate all foes. In addition, events are where players can participate in online competitions and win stunning and appealing rewards such as costumes, or other items of a different kind.

Some intriguing modes

There’s plenty to play within this video game. Angry Birds Transformers brings players many exciting options. In addition to the standard game mode, it is possible to test to be the most successful playing in Endless Run mode. In this mode, you can play with every character you can imagine. If an Autobird is killed, another will show up and keep fighting.

Additionally, you can alter Your Autobird by unlocking hats, armors or even changing the colors of robots. Create unique robots by using your imagination. The game offers a wide range of different modes and exciting features to play with. Don’t miss it!


Angry Birds Transformers is also the first game to allow the ability to customize and alter functions for characters. This makes every character more vivid and full of life as well as, yet providing little entertainment to players as they choose from a range of hilarious and odd costumes. The requirements for getting skins include completing the basic gameplay challenges, achieving high scores in other game modes, and taking part in events that offer rewards. The fun will begin when the Transformers are dressed in costumes and humorous.

It is the blend of two popular franchises, designed to reach a larger market, while in the process, aiding it in becoming well-known among players. Additionally the Transformers feature is a great combination that aims to enhance the game and provide players new experiences while launching them into the skies.

Graphics OF AB Transformers MOD APK

With regards to design Angry Birds Transformers has 3D graphics that have horizontal perspectives on mobile devices. Sharp 3D graphics and lots of diverse landscapes during your trip. There are gorgeous beaches forests, deserts or caves. You can also see snowy mountains. Even though it’s an action-based game, it’s the look of the characters, and the manner in which they fight is amusing and cute. Thus, the game is suitable for all types of players even children.

Crossover action

In Rovio’s latest game The Angry Birds take on the autobots role, whereas they are now the evil deceivers. You’ll be able to control Autobots and take on the pigs in order to prevent them from carrying their evil schemes.

It’s actually part of a variety of Angry Birds crossovers and could be the most addicting one yet! It is possible to collect of the characters and villains, and then upgrade their capabilities to transform into planes, tanks automobiles, tanks, and more and unleash some massive power at your enemies.

This isn’t a DIY Slingshot game. Oh but you’ll be using the proper guns this time! Join forces with a pal to bring two Autobots on a mission and destroy anyone who attempts your luck!

Mod APK is the version that comes with Angry Birds Transformers

Once I was at level 30, it got more difficult. Eggbot has a powerful power, and they also have many stone towers. It is necessary to constantly transform into vehicles and not be able to attack the Eggbot. The Angry Birds Transformers MOD gives you a large amount of diamonds and cash. You can upgrade your game and get new characters. With improved power it is possible to defeat any enemies and conquer the most difficult levels.

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