1C Big Keyboard v1.107 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2024
I am 58 and my vision is far from perfect. I have fingers on my hands - not matchsticks, so I designed this keyboard for myself. If you’re under 35 and have no problems with vision, please do not install. You will need it later. But maybe it will be a good lifehack for your parents now.
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1C Mobile Ltd
Jan 10,2024
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1C Big Keyboard MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of 1C Big Keyboard MOD APK. An Android Productivity App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

For aficionados of smartphone typing, the 1C Big Keyboard emerges as the preeminent choice. Tailored explicitly for the nuances of smartphone usage, this keyboard stands out as a dedicated tool for efficient typing on mobile devices.

Distinguished by its ample size, the keyboard ensures a heightened level of comfort during typing sessions. Boasting an extensive array of special characters, it proves exceptionally beneficial for diverse typing needs.

The impeccable layout and design of the 1C Big Keyboard contribute to an optimal typing experience, setting it apart from the myriad alternatives available in the market. While other keyboards may bear limitations, particularly in accommodating numerous special characters, the 1C Big Keyboard transcends such constraints.

In contrast to keyboards catering to users with larger hands, the 1C Big Keyboard is purposefully designed for individuals with smaller hands and more substantial fingers.

Despite its lightweight build, the 1C Big Keyboard offers compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones. Its relatively compact size belies the emphasis on “big keys,” a design philosophy accentuating character density.

This design ensures enhanced input accuracy, making the keyboard suitable for a myriad of tasks, including composing emails, notes, and SMS messages, and engaging in gaming activities.

The keyboard’s versatility extends to language customization and seamless switching between multiple layouts, making it especially conducive to mobile phones endowed with expansive screens.

Earning its status as the premier choice for Android users, the 1C Big Keyboard facilitates effortless typing on smartphones. A diverse array of models allows users to choose one that aligns with their preferences, offering customization options to suit individual tastes.

Tailored for professional users engaged in extensive text composition, the 1C Big Keyboard proves to be an indispensable companion. Designed with the demands of smartphone keyboard users in mind, it prioritizes comfort, particularly crucial for prolonged usage.

Acknowledging the prevalence of individuals spending extended periods typing on mobile keyboards, the 1C Big Keyboard draws inspiration from desktop counterparts. The layout, rooted in tradition, coupled with generously sized keys, facilitates faster and more efficient typing.

In essence, the 1C Big Keyboard transcends the ordinary, providing a user-friendly application that simplifies the intricacies of text composition and typing on mobile devices.

Features of 1C Big Keyboard MOD APK

Built-in LED light

Incorporating integrated LEDs, the 1C Grandiose Keyboard illuminates your tasks, granting visibility to your actions. For adept touch typists, it becomes an accelerant for swift and precise typing.

This sophisticated keyboard boasts an intrinsic LED system, casting its radiant glow upon the keys in moments of nocturnal typing. The luminescence, a brief yet energy-conserving burst, delicately serves the purpose without disrupting your tranquil slumber. Undoubtedly, a pragmatic attribute for those immersed in nighttime professional endeavors.

The keyboard has 3 levels of brightness

The 1C Grandiose Keyboard offers a versatile luminosity spectrum with three distinct brightness tiers. Tailor the radiance to your preference effortlessly using the dedicated brightness button. The keyboard’s luminosity levels, adaptable to diverse settings, enhance your typing experience.

Crafted for ergonomic efficiency, the keys are thoughtfully positioned for intuitive access without the need for downward glances. Tweak the brightness of both keys and backlight with utmost ease. Even when the keyboard is powered down, the keys and backlight retain their luminosity, ensuring visibility in any scenario and location. This keyboard seamlessly thrives in every conceivable situation.

Compact design for easy storage

Embracing a space-efficient design, the 1C Grandiose Keyboard effortlessly fits into your pocket or bag, eliminating concerns about misplacing keys while on the move.

The 1C Grandiose Keyboard, a fusion of compactness and key prominence, eradicates worries associated with diminutive keys and intricate layouts. Tailored for individuals with impeccable vision yet aspiring for enhanced typing speed, this keyboard harmonizes seamlessly with standard Android phones or tablets.

Boasting larger keys than conventional counterparts, its layout aligns with the natural grip of phones and tablets. The design, elegantly simple and intuitive, features only three buttons: Home, Back, and Search, optimizing the typing experience for users.

Support multiple languages

The 1C Grandiose Keyboard boasts expansive language support, catering to a diverse linguistic palette. Specifically tailored for English and simplified Chinese, effortlessly switch between languages by selecting your preference in the Settings screen, facilitating native language typing.

For those in search of a versatile keyboard accommodating multiple languages, look no further. This groundbreaking keyboard leads the way by supporting Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, and an array of other languages. An invaluable tool for individuals navigating the intricacies of multilingual communication.

Shortcuts for everyday tasks

Incorporating an extensive array of shortcuts, the 1C Grandiose Keyboard seamlessly integrates into your daily routines. From app-specific shortcuts to streamlined actions like capturing a screenshot, attaching a sticker, or launching a link in a browser, this keyboard optimizes your efficiency.

Navigating with simplicity, the 1C Grandiose Keyboard employs a limited set of gestures. Swipe vertically to peruse through pages, and horizontally to traverse between apps, and a spacebar tap swiftly returns you to your last-used application.

Harnessing the power of over 200 preloaded shortcuts, this keyboard allows customization through an intuitive search function. To append a shortcut, initiate a search for the desired text, and tap the appearing button in the top right corner. The 1C Grandiose Keyboard puts the control at your fingertips, transforming the mundane into quick, accessible actions.

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